Thursday, February 07, 2008

Will Terrigal Disappoint?

There are several reasons I am going to Australia to sail in the Laser Masters Worlds in Terrigal...

  1. Tillerwoman was born in Australia and would never forgive me if I missed an opportunity to take her to visit the land of her birth to play the didgeridoo or whatever it is that Aussies do when they are overwhelmed with patriotic emotion.

  2. Meet up with Masters sailing friends from all over the world and have a good old time hanging out with them.

  3. Totally crush aforementioned Masters sailing friends in the races.

  4. Spring training.

  5. Tick off another few days on my quest for 100 days of Laser sailing in 2008. Say six days of racing and two days of practice - maybe eight in all?
Terrigal sounds like an awesome place to sail. The advance publicity promised big ocean swells and 20-25 knot winds. Woo hoo. Maybe I'll get to practice some of those heavy air wave sailing skills that Rulo was teaching us in Cabarete?

But as I read the reports of the Young Guy Real Laser Sailor Worlds which are going on now prior to the Old Farts Laser Worlds I'm beginning to wonder...

First of all they lost the committee boat.

Then the first day of racing was abandoned with some pathetic excuses about the winds were too light and then the winds were too strong and then they didn't want anyone to get struck by lightning.

I hope Terrigal isn't going to disappoint?

Anyway I'm really an optimist and I see that there is going to be some sort of Aboriginal welcome at the opening ceremony for the masters' event, so I expect Tillerwoman will get to see a didgeridoo, if nothing else.


EVK4 said...

Is the didgeridoo the only wind instrument that plays on both inhales and exhales? The kazoo maybe?

Ditch sailing while you're there, travel the route that Priscilla Queen of the Desert did. See Australia. Then, and only then, can my 3 days have a chance to catch up to your 6.

Tillerman said...

I think the harmonica blows and sucks too.

We won't be going to Alice Springs in Priscilla, but we will be touring other parts of Australia while are there. We "did the desert" last time we went, traveling from coast to coast on the India-Pacific railway. Maybe I'll write a post before we go on some of our plans this time.

I sincerely hope that my days of sailing are well into double digits by the time we get back. You'd better get moving Edward.

EVK4 said...

I'm planning my negotiations for Sunday...I might sail yet.

I missed when this trip to Australia is, February?

Anonymous said...

Yes Edward.

I went for a haircut yesterday.

Barber: So are you doing anything special this weekend?

Me: Yes, I'm going to Australia.


Me: Ouch.

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