Thursday, September 11, 2008


When I start one of these group writing projects, like the one this month about Best Sailing Innovation Ever, I am always surprised with the ingenuity and creativity of my readers in interpreting the theme of the project. For example, here is Kevin Pierce's contribution, BLOW.

When the oysters blow from rocks
Because of wind, we're shaking.

Sometimes the boat's becalmed
Because the wind was faking.

When the other guy makes good
It's was from wind, mistaking.

When the seabreeze finds its way
It's caused by wind, awaking.

Regatta dinner beans
Have prompted wind, breaking.

And a perfect day of sail
Was of the wind, partaking.

The best innovation yet?
That's of the wind, making.

Thank you Kevin for sharing that with us. More of Kevin's poetry can be found at
News and Verse.

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Fred said...

Hi Tillerman,
cannot get a mail out from this compie, but you can reach me at 193003317194+ in Newport. Have already seen the Laser! mmmh, interesting boat. Pls read number from the back.

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