Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laser Trailer Pivot Bow

Number 3 on my list of All Time Best Sailing Innovations Ever is the Pivot Bow on Laser trailers, specifically on the Kitty Hawk trailer (shown in photo) and the similar Trailex model (which I own).

"What the hell is Tillerman talking about?" I hear you say. "What's the big deal about a pivoting bow support?"

Well dear reader it's like this. The Laser is supported on these trailers at three points. Two under the gunwhales at each side and one at the bow. With the bow pivot feature you can lift the transom of the boat, and swivel the boat over the gunwhale supports on to a launching dolly alongside the trailer. Then you lift the bow on to the dolly.

By yourself. Single-handed. That's the point.

Regular readers of this blog (all three of you) will know that I frequently go off sailing on my own on the bays around Rhode Island. Without the pivot bow feature I wouldn't be able to do this without seeking help from another person to lift the boat off the trailer. And as far as I'm concerned it ain't singlehanded sailing if you don't do everything singlehanded.

By the way, in case you hadn't realized, this post is an entry in a group writing project on Best Sailing Innovation Ever. You too can enter. Full details are at Best Sailing Innovation Ever. Browse the entries so far at Spinach? and More Innovations. Then tell us about what you think is the Best Sailing Innovation Ever.

Anyway, tomorrow I will reveal #2 on the list of All Time Best Sailing Innovations Ever. It's huge. No, really it is. It's as big as the planet. It's everywhere. It is fundamental. It's even huger than the pivot bow option on Laser trailers.


Anonymous said...

Damnit, man! You're a Laser sailor!!! Trailer??? Pshaw! We don't need no trailers. Cartop it! Load it up there yourself (or with a buddy if you feel a bit tired after a sail in 18+).

And one with a swivel bow??? Candyass!


Anonymous said...

Brian, when I was a young whipppersnapper Apprentice Master like you I used to bike to regattas and carry my Laser strapped to my back.

Anonymous said...

I just started riding again after almost 20 years without a bike. Let me work back into shape over the winter, and I'll be ready to do that by spring.


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

I - WANT - ONE - OF - THOSE!!! My oldfashioned trailer isn't suitable for one of those brilliant things, but I'm willing to get someone to design one for me. yes, like you, i'm often on my own when i need to get my laser on-and-off the trailer. sometimes it's easy... but at the end of a long hard days' sailing, sometimes it's a challenge!

Anonymous said...

My uncle recently sold me his laser, it was probably built in the 70s but rarely sailed. Would this type of trailer still be ok? I need to get my boat onto the water (about 15 min drive) and would like to keep it in the best shape possible

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