Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm not sure that all my readers are taking this month's group writing project on Best Sailing Innovation Ever as seriously as the subject deserves. But for what it's worth here are the first five entries...

The Mast! Invented After the Sail
by Jim

GORE-TEX® - Best Thing Since Salted Beef
by Steve

The Triangular Sail by Captain JP

Reservoirs – providing places to sail no matter where you are by Carol Anne

Spinach, A Sailor's Best Friend by Edward

Along the way my friends considered (and rejected) such candidates for the honor of Best Sailing Innovation Ever as auto-pilots, roller furlers, electric winches, crew, galley slaves, AIS, the sail, the rigging, the rudder, GPS, radio, and lifeboats. (And there was an anonymous commenter who proposed Female Sailors for first place.) So there are a few other ideas if you want to argue the case.

Still plenty of time to participate in the project.
What are you waiting for? Maybe I should offer a prize. A pig with lipstick perhaps?

Full details on how to participate at Best Sailing Innovation Ever.

For anyone in the USA who is living under a brick, or for those in other countries not blessed with 24 hour cable TV coverage of the current US presidential election, the pig in lipstick reference is a nod to the issue that has been the #1 topic in the election today. Not the war. Not terrorism. Not global warming. Not the economic situation. Not taxes. Not health care. Not education. Not even how to make sure that the US wins more medals in Sailing at the next Olympics. No. They've all been talking about lipstick on a pig. God help us. We may well yet get the leaders we deserve.


Zen said...

Yeah, lip stick, What The Fudge ( WTF) is this country coming to, that is the election focus

PeconicPuffin said...

I'll be filing later this week. I'm disappointed to see that the mast has already been spoken for.

Anonymous said...

Go for the boom pp.

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