Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lenscrafters Rayban 67th Sail

An anonymous commenter suggested here a few days ago that I ought to seek some sponsorship for my quest for 100 Laser sailing days in 2008. I was a bit skeptical at first about this idea. One thing I like about writing this blog is that I can say exactly what I like. If I had sponsors would I feel inhibited in any way to freely express my opinions?

Having giving the matter some thought I decided to give it a shot. I'm confident that a few measly thousand dollars will not unduly influence my writing. So here is the account of my 67th sail last Tuesday kindly sponsored by Lenscrafters and Rayban.

Let's see. I could tell you about the winds, or the moves I practiced, or how I worked on my boatspeed, or the scenery... No, I think I really must tell you about how wonderfully clear and bright the light was, how distant objects appeared so close and sharp. Perhaps it was the atmospheric conditions; perhaps it was the way that the low angle of the sun lit up the houses miles away at the northern end of the Sakonnet...

Or perhaps it was my superb pair of sunglasses whose makers names I could not possibly mention as it might compromise my journalistic integrity.


Anonymous said...

The key is to get them to donate gear to assist on your way to your 100 days. Like those cool shades.

Just as Intensity sails could offer you some gear, while you expound about their hiking strap has handled the unusual amount of use and abuse you've given it.

Or Rooster might offer you a new mainsheet or two.

Next step... A few of those sponsor supplied goodies for "that guy", or others you run across along the way.

Anonoymous, the other white meat.

Tillerman said...

Thanks for the advice Anon. Want a job as my campaign manager?

Seriously though, one of the unexpected spin-offs of this blog is that some vendors do offer to send me gear to review. Jim Myers at Intensity Sails has been especially generous in that regard and I do need to write some reviews on how various bits of his gear has stood up to a season of my "unusual amount of use and abuse".

I also received yesterday a new invention for small boat sailors from another source which I will be fitting to my Laser and testing.

Watch this space for more "sponsored" sail reports!

Anonymous said...

It's not the admitted sponsorship that bothers me so much as the more subtle product placement that may be influencing your judgement.

Now that you're a candidate for the highest office in blogging, you're required to go on record about all campaign financing.

So, Mr. Tillerman, just how much are you receiving from the Uncrustables camp, their legal representatives, and their assignees?

Tillerman said...

Oh, you reporters and your gotcha journalism.

My understanding is that Mr Anonymous, my campaign manager, recused himself from the dealings of the Fanny and Freddy Smuckers firm. I don't know how long ago, a year or two ago that he's not benefiting from that. And you know, I was - I would hope that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

"The taste speaks for itself" as they say.

Think of those poor sailors that got jam on their new Extrasport Genoa low profile PFDs with RetroGlide™ for custom fit, 3M™ Scotchlite Reflective shoulders and piping, Neoprene sides/waist belt, Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets, Hypalon shoulder attachment points, Hypalon zipper garage, and Gaia® non-PVC foam. Can't be rubbing peanut butter into those hand warmer pockets now can we?

And might I add, those pockets sure are handy when the weather gets cold, and you're trying to get in 100 days of sailing here in New England.

Tillerman - I think we've gotten out of that Smuckers jam unstained.

aka. "Tillerman's 100" Campaign Manager (all rights reserved)

Fred said...

Great entry. I think along the same lines... no sponsors as I want to do my sport when and how I decide.
And please: NO sponsored sail reports... ha ha. In our age we must appreciate the freedom to choose what we like to wear or hang on to the mast.

Did you know that Julian Bethwaite once wrote that for each dollar that you have received (from sponsors) you must create a value of 10$. I think this is still 100% true but many sponsored sailors tend to forget this and at least here in Germany we have loads of burned opportunities due to just taking and not giving.

Anonymous said...


As you've noticed and I've noticed. Tillerman has been trying to accomplish this feat with no sponsors, and doing this wonderful blog. Flying to Australia, trips to Terrigal, buying new laser rudders, being fed Uncrustables, facing parking lot Nazis.

His example, actions, and his writing...in my opinion are worthy of some recognition.

As we can all see, Tillerman doesn't take this sponsorship aspect seriously...but that's part of what makes him Tillerman.

The O'Sheas said...

Does anybody else find it remarkable that "Utter Nonsense" is just astern of "Regattas" in the top topic categories?

It's heartening to me that this label is handy, since I feel about 25% of what goes on in the world is utter nonsense.

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