Friday, September 19, 2008

The Internet - Runner-up Best Sailing Innovation Ever

Surely the Internet was invented for sailors?

Just think of all the things we do with it...

  • Research what kind of boat to buy
  • Buy a boat
  • Read forums to learn how to maintain a boat
  • Read forums to learn how to sail a boat
  • Join a class association
  • Research a sailing club to join
  • Find out when and where regattas are being run
  • Sign up for regattas
  • Book travel to go to regattas
  • Book places to stay when attending regattas
  • Check out the weather forecast before we go sailing
  • Check tide tables
  • Study on-line charts
  • Read scores of regattas we attended
  • Book vacations at sailing resorts
  • Read sailing news
  • Buy sailing gear, parts, clothes, gizmos, toys...
  • Practice with an online multi-player sailing simulator
  • Learn about the Racing Rules by doing quizzes
  • Read blogs about sailing
  • Write a blog about sailing
  • Email friends to agree when to go sailing
  • View the Olympics
  • Track ocean races in real time
  • Sell a boat

The list is endless. How did we manage without it?

What did I miss? What's your favorite use of the Internet to support your sailing addiction?

Coming soon... Tillerman's #1 Best Sailing Innovation Ever


Carol Anne said...

How about ... get exposed to this strange culture called sailboat racing, get infected, start racing, buy a racing boat?

JP said...

I *almost* had on my list those web based race viewers that let you follow the action of Volvo / Americas Cup etc while lounging in easy chair laptop to hand.

But that would have been too geeky for words. After all how could that be more important than winches!

Ok, lets just say it was close

Anonymous said...

Google Earth!

- Check out harbors, anchorages, marinas before you arrive, with detail you'll never find on charts.

- Read out lat/lon of waypoints for GPS entry.

- Measure distances of planned routes.

- Fantasize you're on tropical beach while stuck in glass box.

Anonymous said...

Winches? are you kidding...

...Wenches are the most important sailing invention!

AmyB said...

What would I do without the internet, which lets me watch sailing videos on YouTube when the weather's too crappy for me to go sailing myself?

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