Sunday, November 13, 2011


I don't know much anything about rowing... but isn't there something wrong here?


Mojo said...

What does an oarsman need with a trailer hitch? The shell goes on a roof rack.

... or was it the license plate? Stroke rate of 24 is way too low.

Either way, the guy's a piker.

Baydog said...

Dude, what the frick is a piker?

The hitch is for the tow-along grill-smoker for the ribs and brisket after the regatta. Don't you know anything?

Baydog said...

As long as the trailer is upside-down?

Joe said...

Joe row, see Joe row. Joe is slow. 24 is low? Joe don't know. Joe just row. Joe no row when there is snow. Joe does tow. But not when Joe row or snow. Go, go, go!

Tillerman said...

What does an oarsman need with a trailer hitch indeed? I picked this photo up somewhere without looking too closely into its origin and I may have falsely maligned rowers. It was actually in the twitter feed of a guy in the UK called Sam Rowe who works for the RYA (and so is presumably a sailor and not a rower). I guess it could well be his car with that number plate. But why his hitch appears to be upside down is beyond me.

I now pause to allow Pat from Desert Sea to make his usual comment about how upside down is the normal position for Laser sailors.

O Docker said...

Say it ain't so, Joe.
A rowers row?
Do rowers tow or no?
No GoPro Vimeo to show.
How to know?
Mojo row. Joe row slow.
Baydo eat escargot.
Only Rowe know.

Mojo said...

Now Stow know Jomo

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