Saturday, November 05, 2011

And They Are Off!

Woo hoo! Spanish shoe company leads German shoe company and Spanish telecommunications company as the fleet heads for the Straits of Gibraltar.


Baydog said...

That reminds me. The Giants are playing in the shaving cream stadium in Foxboro today. They're not home again in the life insurance stadium until the 20th.

Tillerman said...

I wonder if I could sell naming rights to my blog to some insurance company?

tillerman said...

Of course shaving cream stadium used to be technology and venture capital company stadium. I haven't been to life insurance stadium but I have been to shaving cream stadium several times. I have seen the creamy chowder patriots play pointy football there and also seen Mr. Jimmy Buffett sing some songs there.

Baydog said...

Halftime at the chowder bowl: Manhattan 0 New England 0

tillerman said...

I just checked the score at shaving cream stadium:
Red Chowder 10 Creamy Chowder 3

O Docker said...

The wimpy burg where I work has a wimpy team that pretends to play professional basketball. I guess it's professional in the sense that they do it for money.

They used to play in Big Oil arena until Big Oil decided there weren't enough watching the games to warrant keeping the lights on. The arena is now named Mystical Wristband arena.

In Australia - where Mystical Wristbands are also marketed - the government made them publically admit their product is a totally ineffective fraud.

The perfect sponsor for our team!

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