Friday, November 11, 2011

Quote of the Week

"I sat down and wrote the two versions of my own obituary, the one that I wanted, and the one that I was heading for, and realized that working in an office cubicle was definitely not the legacy I wanted to leave to the world."

Roz Savage - explaining why at the age of 33 she decided to give up her humdrum life as a management consultant and go break all kinds of records for solo rowing across oceans. From this article by Tim Zimmerman.


my2fish said...

that's a rough quote to read while sitting at my office desk, where I spend my 5 days a week.

not sure I'm ready for solo round the world, though!

tillerman said...

Hey, I stuck with the office life for about 30 years. I wasn't so much thinking about obituaries when I took a (very) early retirement, but there was certainly a desire to spend more time on the water and in the open air generally.

Joe said...

My favourite quote, "It was the realization that they just weren’t paying me enough to be that miserable."

butta said...

In 1999 I was working for IBM.
Getting back at the office after a motorcycle trip to Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel, I looked at my window, still sitting on my bike, and asked myself: Want you to live there all your life?
First thing I've done, that morning, was to print my dismission letter.
There was a very hard times, in the last twelve years, but I've NEVER regret my decision.

Chris Partridge said...

She didn't go solo sailing - she went ROWING.

tillerman said...

Ooops. Good catch Chris. I will correct the original. Thanks.

Chris said...

Along those lines, and with apologies to whoever I stole this from:

"A rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out."

But ... rowing across oceans? It makes for a nice poster - in the office, where it's nice and warm and dry.

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