Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's It All About Alfie?

Sometimes in all the discussion on this blog about disputes among Laser builders, and class rules, and Racing Rules, and tactics, and strategy, and boat-handling tricks, and fitness etc. etc. it's easy to forget what sailing is really all about.

This picture (which I stole from the Facebook page of a friend of a friend of a friend or something) reminds me.

My first Laser had a sail just like that.

I never had a yellow Laser but I did have an orange one.

I used to take my sons and random kids we met on holiday for rides just like that.

Though I never took a dog on a Laser.


my2fish said...

I'm only randomly aware of the Laser issues, and generally haven't had much experience with sailing with other boats.

but, I really do enjoy sailing with my boys, and I love when they get excited about it, too. I've also always liked when we're on vacation, and I've been able to give rides to other kids (and sometimes adults) who want to give it a try.

johnz said...

This photo must have been taken in a place with very cold water. When my kids and their friends went for a sail all they wanted to do was capsize and hang off the boom, dragging along while the others hiked out. You could never get a photo of them sitting still... and is that dog duct taped down? Maybe our dogs just lacked coordination.

I don't really miss my yellow and orange sail. Do you think the new Kirby sailboats formerly known as Lasers will start sporting colorful sails again?

Tillerman said...

Well spotted johnz. I think it might be in Canada.

I do miss the colored sails. I think they made Laser sailing more gay. I doubt that the Kirby Sailboats will have gaily colored sails. There is a new Laser/ Kirby Sailboat sail under development but in all the pictures I have seen it is a very boring white.

Baydog said...

Not that there's anything wrong with being gaily colored. Wait, that's potentially doubly un-PC.

Baydog said...

Nah, gaily is cool, I think.

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