Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Sailing Vlog on the Planet

To vlog or not to vlog. That is the question.

A vlog is, of course, a video blog.

They have been around for years. But, as always, I am usually at least ten years behind in catching up with the latest trends.

So should I vlog?

A lot of people have been supplementing their regular blogs with video for years. Jon Deutsch, for example, of the eponymous Jon Deutsch blog, is a past master at using video to report on his sailing exploits such as the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship and the famous Orange Coffee Pot Regatta.

And who will ever forget his classic 2014 drama, Snowblowing the Driveway?


But that is video as a supplement to a blog.

For me the word "vlog" means more than that.

A vlog is a personal journal. A series of video posts every day, in which the vlogger speaks directly into the camera and tells us about his or her life, thoughts, opinions, and interests. Videos in which the vlogger's personality and style and charisma shine through.

So are there any good sailing vlogs?

There are a lot.

Here, for example, is a sailing vlog which may just be the best sailing vlog on the planet - Sailing to Maui. This vlog really captures the essence, the feeling, the experience that ocean voyages are all about. You can find all nine posts in this series on the author's YouTube channel rdubadub.

My favorite in the series is Episode 3  in which our hero starts off by vlogging from his night watch.

So what do you think?

Should I vlog?

Will you vlog with me?

To vlog or not to vlog. That is the question.


Baydog said...

Every time I blow snow I say to myself, self, I should chronicle this on my blog. But I don't. Why don't I? I need a good kick in the ass

Tillerman said...

You could be the Lord Baydog of the snowblower blogging niche. You could get sponsorship from Husqvama and Ariens. You could make a fortune and retire from your day job and sail to Maui.

Tillerman said...

And I see that the domain is still available. You can snap it up for $1.99.

Unknown said...

Check out my sailing vlogs! Just sailed down to the Bahamas with my girlfriend after starting to live aboard our boat last year. We love sailing and don't plan on stopping!

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