Friday, February 21, 2014

26 More Reasons to Love Sailing

The Summer Sailstice website recently published a list of about 26 reasons to love sailing written by Alistair Murray, CEO of marine hardware manufacturer Ronstan.

So I just had to make up my own list of 26 More Reasons to Love Sailing…

Sailing is Awesome.

Sailors have the best Beards.

Laser sailing in Cabarete is like being in paradise.

And there are lots of other wonderful Destinations to go sailing.

Laser sailing is great Exercise for the whole body.

You can go Foiling, even on a Laser.

You can buy all kind of fun Gadgets.

Even an old guy looks cool in a sailing Helmet.

Because Irish Coffee is the best training diet for sailing.

You can sail a magnificent yacht like a J Boat.

Sailors can tie Knots with their feet.

Sailing has always been a great way to meet Ladies.

You can go to dinghy sailing heaven in Minorca.

Even Nerds have a role in sailing

Because Olympic Laser girls kick ass.

Because Pizza and sailing just go together.

You can go sailing at places with weird names like Quannapowitt.

Sailors drink Rum.

You can race round a Sausage.

You might win a Towel.

Who will ever forget the fun we had sailing Under the Pell Bridge in race 3 of the 2013 New England Laser Masters?

You can work on Vizualization even when you aren't on the water.

You can catch a Wave.

You can play SailX  to improve your tactical skills.

You can even do Yoga on a Laser.

Maintaining your boat trailer will teach you about Zen.

Ok. Now it's your turn.  What are your reasons to love sailing. Tell us in the comments.

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