Sunday, February 09, 2014

Birthday Lunch

Today is Tillerwoman's birthday.

She's 29 (I think.)

She said she wanted to go out for lunch and have some oysters.

Her wish was granted.

1. Can any of my clever readers identify what kind of oysters these are?

2. Where they are from?

3. What did I have to drink?

4. What else did Tillerwoman have for lunch?

5. What was the topic of the conversation at the the table behind me?

6. Where is the nearest sailing club?


Baydog said...

Watch Hill Oysters
Rhode Island
Newport Storms
Clam Bellies
The weather
New York Yacht Club

Happy Birthday Tillerwoman!!

Tillerman said...

Congratulations to Baydog on being the first to answer all six questions… incorrectly.

Although all his answer are plausible and could have been right on a different day at a different place.

#1 is about 60 miles or so from the mark.

#5 may have been partly right - I didn't overhear every second of their conversation - but it wasn't the answer I was thinking of. Towards the end of our lunch they were discussing a subject which is quite a common topic these days among certain elements of the chattering classes. What surprised me was that they were quizzing one member of their party about it and he sounded as if he was very knowledgeable about certain matters which I was surprised to hear discussed in public.

Tillerwoman says Happy Birthday to Baydog for the day after tomorrow.

Baydog said...

Thanks LS!

Cape Cod
Dark & Stormies

Tillerman said...


Well you are getting closer. Only about 25 miles off with the oysters now.

Still wrong on the drink and food.

And wrong on the topic of conversation but kind of closer too, I guess, in that the element of the chattering classes that seem to be most upset about Obamacare are often extremely angry about this topic. I can't imagine what cable channel they all get their news from.

A clue to the food is that Tillerwoman actually ordered her second dish off the "brunch" menu. It was a typical brunch menu item but with a special shellfishy variation.

A clue to the drink is that it has been mentioned on this blog before. In connection with oysters even.

And a clue to the sailing club is that it is was the answer to one of the previous silly quizzes on this blog already.

Baydog said...

Powder Points or Island Creeks
Duxbury, Mass
Smuttynose IPA
Lobster Benedict
Vladimir Putin
Massapoag YC

Tillerman said...

You're getting further away from the mark with the oysters now.

Ding ding ding. The beer is right!

You are almost there with the Lobster Benedict. But it wasn't lobster.

Not Putin.

And we were nowhere near Massapoag YC. Has that been an answer to one of my quizzes before?

Where is O Docker when we need him? Is he just watching you make all these wild guesses so that he can triangulate the answer and pounce when he's ready?

Genie said...

Could the Oysters be Blue Point from Long Island, NY.
Could No.5 be a conversation about Gay rights / marriage.
Could Mrs T have had Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon or perhaps Omelette with Crab and Swiss.

Genie said...

Oh, Mrs T could also have ordered Eggs Benedict.

Tillerman said...

Welcome to the fray Genie.

I think Blue Points are grown in places other than Blue Point these days. But they were not Blue Points. I have already given a clue in answer to one of Baydog's questions that they were from somewhere quite close to Cape Cod, only about 20-25 miles away from Wianno.

And yes it was Eggs Benedict, but as I said before with a shellfishy variation.

The topic of conversation might be hard. There are so many controversial topics around these days it seems. So here's another clue. The reason that I said I was surprised to hear certain things discussed in public was that, although I only heard the odd snippet, it seemed to me that such information, or some of it, ought to be kept secret for national security reasons.

Baydog said...

Is Cape Cod correct at least, cause I was gonna say Wellfleets.
Shrimp Eggs Benedict
The cost of tea in China

Tillerman said...

No they are not from Cape Cod. But very close.

Not Shrimp Eggs Benedict. The special of the day was Short Ribs Eggs Benedict. I had never heard of that before. And we didn't have that today.

Not the cost of tea in China. That is surely classified information. And nobody has found a way to blame Hillary Clinton for that yet. But they will. Just wait and see.

Tillerman said...

Is Newport on the Chesapeake? That's a clue to #4.

O Docker said...

Plymouth Rock or Duxbury oysters?

Tillerman said...

No. I already told Baydog he was getting further away by going from Cape Cod to Duxbury.

O Docker said...

Martha's Vineyard Oysters?

Tillerman said...

Ding ding ding. He started late but he finished first. Well done O Docker. The oysters were indeed from Martha's Vineyard. Chilmark oysters in fact.

So that just leaves questions 4,5 and 6.

Baydog said...

F**k. There he goes pouncing again.

She had swordfish from menemsha.
The locals were still debating whether Ted Kennedy
should have gone to jail for Mary Jo Kopechne's death.
Edgartown YC

And have you ever had a scone from the Scottish bakery in West Tisbury?

O Docker said...

I think the Vinyahd may have been a bit too far to go for Sunday brunch, so maybe you took her to someplace nice in Newport for her birthday.

The closest 'sailing club' may have then been the Newport Yot Club.

And, in Newport, the gents at the next table were probably complaining about the skyrocketing prices of polo ponies these days.

Baydog said...

because they already had their mansions, their yachts..............Brick Alley Pub?

John Derek said...

I think that the folks at the next table may have been discussing what that beautiful 29 year old was doing with the old coot

Tillerman said...

We didn't go to Newport for lunch. Although the item on the menu that Tillerwoman had for her second course was called Newport Benedict. Can you guess what it was?

And the restaurant (which is the best clue to find the yacht club) is one of our favorites and has featured in one of these quizzes at least once before.

Tillerman said...

John Derek - I often ask myself the same question. But no they were too polite to discuss that. At least not within earshot of me.

Tillerman said...

Baydog - not Ted Kennedy or polo ponies. And no, I never had a scone from that bakery. I have only visited Martha's Vineyeard once and we didn't get to West Tisbury. Or Chilmark.

Tillerman said...

Given that some of my friends are prepared to engage in these quizzes based on almost zero information from me to start with (and I am just as guilty when it comes to Mitch's quizzes at Exploratorius) I think for my next quiz I will just have a post that says, "GUESS WHAT!"

O Docker said...

OK, it must be the Boathouse restaurant in beautiful, downtown Tiverton, so the nearest 'sailing' club would be the Mount Hope Bay Model Yacht Club.

But that would leave me with no way of knowing what was being discussed at the next table, since what happens in Tiverton stays in Tiverton.

O Docker said...

And that would make Newport Benedict two poached eggs, crab cakes, Canadian bacon, English muffin and hollandaise.

Eveything's better with Canadian bacon.

Tillerman said...

Well done O Docker. Right on with the food, the restaurant and the sailing club. Didn't you correctly guess this club in another quiz of mine? What took you so long this time?

I believe that Chesapeake Eggs are Eggs Benedict with crab cakes instead of bacon? Newport Benedict has crab cakes AND bacon!!!

I see that Julie of In A Half Shell did some oyster bar hopping in Boston this weekend and she had some Chilmarks at one place. I had never heard of them before.

And to put you out of your misery on question #5, the topic of conversation at the next table was Benghazi. One of the diners seemed to have a lot of inside knowledge about overseas CIA stations including their security arrangements. And that's all I'm going to say about that. NSA reads this blog. They read everything, don't they?

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