Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Unintended Consequences

Some times people actually think I mean what I say on this blog. Today I was faced with a perfect example.

My regular readers, both of you, will remember that back in May of 2010 I wrote a few posts feigning an interest in powerboats.

Captain JP was partly to blame, starting it all of with a post telling us sailors that powerboats really aren't as bad as we had been told - A Message to all Sailors.

My younger son was even more to blame. He had actually bought a powerboat and was tempting me to go over with him to the Dark Side.

So I went powerboating with my son one weekend and wrote about it at Top Ten Reasons Why Powerboats Are Better Than Sailboats. As I said, I don't always write what I mean, or mean what I write. I think those fancy schmancy literary critics call that "irony."

I wrote a few other powerboat posts that month including this one - Best Powerboat Blog on the Planet. That post included this picture of a rather sexy looking powerboat.

One unintended consequence (honestly) of publishing that post is that if you google "best powerboat blog on the planet" at the top of the search results you will still find…. Proper Course. Oops!

Another unintended consequence was an email I received today. It was from a production supervisor at a film company. They have a client who wants to shoot a commercial next month that will feature some powerboats racing on the water. They were thinking of something like this…

or maybe this...

or even this…

Wait a minute? Isn't that last one the same boat that was in my 2010 post about best powerboat blog on the planet?

I think it is.

And that is why the film company contacted me today. They had seen that post of mine and naturally they thought I would be the perfect person to help them find some "state of the art or even next generation (almost futuristic looking)" powerboats to use in their commercial.

Oh dear!

I had to write the man a nice email explaining that my posts about powerboats back in 2010 were meant to be ironic, that I am really a totally rabid sailing purist and have even written several other posts on my blog ranting on about the evils of putting engines in boats. And that I would very much NOT be the best person to help his client locate the boats they want.

He took it quite well.

I still can't get over the fact that some people think I mean what I say on this blog.


bonnie said...

Pity the folks who ended up with sexy speedboat #1 didn't take better care of their toy.

Just ran across an interesting gcaptain post further to that matter. It's a year old but I'd stopped following it after the initial flap, this post just got me curious again.

Tillerman said...

Oh. I didn't see that. Earthrace became Ady Gil and then it sank.

bonnie said...


/ Pam said...

I think you missed an opportunity, if only for a group writing/research project: Power boats even a sailor would find appealing, like:



/ Pam said...

You'll have to copy/paste the first two links. I can never figure out how to insert those things.

Baydog said...


Bursledon Blogger said...

You should have offered to rent them your "Laser Torch" the most controversial craft on the east coast for their film.

Buff Staysail said...

You should always believe what you read on the interweb

Unknown said...

As an ex regular at Graffham I can confidently confirm the the CUCRC has sailed there for many years hence it qualifies for a full Blue. I see from your link that it now includes Kite Surfing. No idea where that takes place as Graffham still bans kite boards.

Tillerman said...

I don't remember even investigating what sailing activities were available when I was there. I kind of wish I had now, because I didn't actually get into sailing until I was in my early 30s. If I had started at college instead… Who knows?

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