Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Beer Run

Beer and Laser sailing go together like… like… like…

I dunno. Insert your own favorite metaphor for what goes well together.

Good race committees know this. They will have beer on board for the sailors to drink….

After the races on the way back to the club.

Between races.

During races. Yes, I have even sailed one Laser regatta where you are served beer during a race.

But what if the beer runs out?

That would be terrible.

It could ruin the whole day.

Thankfully, technology now has the answer.

Beer delivery to the race course by drone.

Check out the video….

Hey, if they can do it for ice fishers they can do it for Laser sailors.

You wouldn't need to involve the RC or those annoying Mommy boats. Just dial up a drone to deliver a case of beer on a little raft to the coordinates of the pin end of the finishing line and all the thirsty Laser sailors could help themselves.

What will they think of next?


Anonymous said...

One old timer in our club said that in the past the US Navy had a base nearby and sometimes the helicopter pilots would be flying over and see the sailboats below and would would then come down low and play havoc with the fleet with their downdrafts.

Hmm, do you think that could work with the drone (on a much smaller scale) if you could order the beer so that its route would just happen to pass low over your competitor.

Tillerman said...

Damn you Deborah Mends. You revealed my evil plan.

Tillerman said...

But seriously Deborah, welcome to the community of Proper Course commenters. You don't have to be crazy to leave comments here, but it helps.

Baydog said...


Tillerman said...

It is indeed a simile. You are in a very literal mood this Feb-ew-ary, Lord Baydog.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is only half of a simile - with the reader invited to complete it. Perhaps the blogmaster was still suffering lingering bouts of the recent writer's block.

Tillerman said...

If you guys don't stop nitpicking every thing I write, I will make you write all the posts on this blog.

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