Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog Sitter

I will busy for the next three days helping to teach a sailing course for kids. Apparently I agreed to do this during a very confusing telephone conversation.

As I may not have time to post articles on this blog I have asked my friend Joe to "blogsit". Joe is a very well respected race committee volunteer in this area and is much in demand as a Principal Race Officer for all kinds of sailing regattas. He has agreed to write a few posts passing on some advice on effective race management. If you have any questions about race committee work, feel free to pose them to Joe via the comments.


Andrew said...

It's like the time Jerry Seinfeld unknowingly agreed to wear the puffy shirt on the Today Show. (This is a reference to a popular 1990s TV program.)

seadated said...

Blogsitting!?! What a great idea! Good luck with the kiddies, and I'll look forward to Joe's posts!

Carol Anne said...

OK, Joe, got some questions for you, based on your deep well of race committee experience:

Have you ever had any experience reviving a racing program after a hiatus? Due to low lake levels, the New Mexico Sailing Club had to cut short one season, then had no season at all for two years, and then didn't get the marina open until it was too late for a racing season last year. This year, it would have been nice to have had racing over the Memorial Day weekend, but at that point there were only three racing-type boats in the water, so nothing happened.

We have a race committee chairman who wishes to resign because he has other duties (some silly idea about meeting job obligations so he continues to get paid) but who has agreed to hang on until a replacement is found, provided that he gets some help from somebody for the time being.

Our commodore really wants to revive the club, but it's hard to come back from a near-death experience. I'm afraid I might get recruited to the race committee, since I now have a racing boat, and I've spent a lot of time in the company of the race committee chair of the state's other sailing club. But I'm really new to racing, and as the spouse of the commodore, I don't know that it would be a good idea for so much power to be concentrated in the same household.

So, how do you revive racing? Or do you just work as if there has never been racing, and you're beginning a new program?

Zen said...

the leader is gone!!!!!!!
where is that Kool Aid!

OG said...

Now that would have been smart!

Johnsee and I are running a two week holiday program for kids... Perhaps we should have got a "blogsitter" as well???

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