Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sailing Gear Blog

Found one!

A few days I posed a question as to whether there were any websites that carried non-biased reviews of sailing gear. Several of the people who responded pointed to Practical Sailor, which carries some product reviews, and others came up with various technical solutions for such a site.

Today I discovered Navagear a blog powered by TypePad and written by Aaron Tinling a self-confessed gear geek. He wrote reviews of sailing hardware and electronics on the site from December 2004 to July 2005 and used categories to enable easy navigation within the site. Sadly Navagear seems to have been dormant for almost a year now.

However, it is the nearest thing to the concept I was imagining. Where do we go from here?


OG said...

Johnsee and I are working on something...

Aaron said...

Thanks for the nice words about Navagear. It's encouraging to know that people appreciated the site. You deserve some of the credit for me deciding to relaunch! I hope you get a chance to pop by and check it out.

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