Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Boss

Hi there Tillerman fans. This is Joe the PRO. I'm blogsitting for Tillerman for a few days. He asked me to write about race management.

First thing you need to know as a sailor is that the PRO is boss. (PRO stands for Principal Race Officer. I think you guys in England call this person Officer of the Day or some similar gay ass phrase.) Let me say that again. The PRO is boss.

What does that mean? It means that when I'm running the race committee you don't argue with me or make stupid frigging "suggestions". You know what I mean. Yes YOU. Do NOT sail by the committee boat and point out that the start line is biased. Do you think I don't know that? I can see the frigging wind better than you can. Do NOT tell me that that last sound signal was five seconds late. I didn't pick this frigging race committee crew and you should be grateful there are any sound signals at all. Just concentrate on your sailing and leave running the races to me.

You see if you piss me off I will pay you back. I could call you OCS at the start whether you were or not. Or I could hail you OCS about 30 seconds after the start. Or maybe I will signal an individual recall and hail a few boats as over the line and just forget to hail yours but record you as OCS anyway. Yeehaw. See how you like that. So don't mess with me baby.

Any questions? I thought not. You guys learn fast.

PS. Yes, that is a picture of Jerry Seinfeld in a puffy shirt. I have no idea what that has to do with race management. I don't look like Jerry Seinfeld and I don't wear a puffy shirt. If you want to know what the connection is, ask that Andrew dude who commented on Tillerman's post about blog sitting yesterday. It was his idea. I just don't get it.


EVK4 said...

That shirt has so much windage, you probably get a -3 PHRF hit for it. Don't know how to translate to you Portsmouth small boat people.

See, it's funny because it's true.

seadated said...

Joe the "Aggro" PRO

Ant said...

Jeeze man you have some attitude there...its great...come 2 england and PRO a few Enterprise events!

Fred said...

Great Posting. Love that!

You deserve to be the "Underassistant East Coast Commodore Tillermans Man".

Adrift At Sea said...

See what a little power does... hmm...

Jonathan said...

Joe, the smart sailors would protest and protest on the race commitee and try to get a redress. ;)
I tried once at the Junior Swedish Masterships when the OCS flag came up way to late, but that time I failed. Anyway, a great post! It is good to hear the PRO's side sometimes, it is easy to become very irritated at the race commitee during some races.

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