Friday, May 11, 2007

Even More Embarrassment

Three more entries in our group writing project on your worst mistakes and most embarrassing moments while sailing...

A bird's eye view tells how Zen of Zensakai II - By Sea got stuck, and got unstuck by waiting for the tide.

Playing Ahab
by Heather from The Picaroon Blog is a story of struggle and survival in an open rowing boat.

Naked Sailing at the US Naval Academy was sent to me by JSW225 who doesn't have his own blog. Mooning in Annapolis. Thank god there were no pictures!

Still plenty of time to send in your own story. Full instructions at Group Writing Project.

Which reminds me... I'd better write up one of my own embarrassing moments. But there have been so many. Hmmm. Which was the worst?

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Turinas said...

Just blogged my embarassing moment

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