Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Most Embarrassing Moments

There are already six entries in the group writing project on your most embarrassing moment while sailing...

Protest Shoe by M Squared -- a tale of improvisation and a terrible warning on why you should never wear red shoes to go sailing.

The Vicar and the Hog by Tim Coleman on All Day I Dream About Sailing relates how a clergyman's morals were challenged.

Broken Arm -- in which Pat Byrnes of Desert Sea describes a painful accident.

Gybe Ho
tells us how Carol Anne of Five O'Clock Somewhere punched a hole in the bow of her Etchells.

Taking the Inside Route was the worst mistake committed by Manfred of Sailracing.

Light Airs Suck is an hilarious account by Walter Mondale (no -- I don't think that's his real name) of how he managed to get stuck 60 yards from the start of a famous race in full view of a crowd of spectators.

Thanks to the authors of the above confessions. Please keep them coming. I'm sure many other readers have embarrassing moments to share with us. Full instructions at Group Writing Project. Don't forget to send an email to
tillermeister@gmail.com to tell me when you have written your post.

And, something I forgot to say in my original post, please try and choose a distinctive title for your post so it stands out in the list. I invented most of the above titles myself as all the posts had some variation on "worst mistake", "embarrassing moment" or "group writing project".

Looking forward to hearing from you.


EVK4 said...

In your inbox...and my title was written before I knew you wanted an interesting one.

Maybe you could blog about post-titles?!?

Tillerman said...

Thanks Edward. I love your story. I'll post a link tomorrow.

Hmmm -- I could blog about post titles. Thanks for the tip.

EVK4 said...

This is a better idea than I thought it was...I found a few blogs that I hadn't read in a while and it brought back memories of my own red sperries. I miss those things.

merrifie said...

Actually, I don't miss my "Protest Shoes"... much. However, I agree that this is an interesting idea. So, where's the tillerman entry? Do we have to wait for the end of the week?

Tillerman said...

Good point. I'll take a dose of my own medicine and embarras myself some time this week.

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