Friday, January 18, 2008

Random Jottings

This is not going to make a lot of sense.

On Monday morning I went for a swim in the sea and then had breakfast on the beach with my bride.

Today I'm looking out at a wintry landscape, snow in the foreground, low clouds on the hills across the bay.

In between I've thought about blogging a bit but never got started. Maybe I have blogger's block. While in the DR I read Stephen King's Bag of Bones which is about a writer who has writer's block. He's also haunted by the usual gaggle of ghosts but they haven't been to visit me yet.

I have a photo from the DR that says R.I.P. I thought of posting it here and shutting up shop. All good things have to come to an end one day.

But I guess it's just post-vacation blues.

Cabarete was different from last year. I had a friend years ago who used to love to hike the mountains in Wales. He had this philosophy that every time you climb any given hill it's never the same experience. It's always fresh and new and changed, mainly because of the weather. I think that's even more true of sailing in the same place more than once. The people were different; the waves were different; the wind was different; the coach was different. I guess I should write about it.

If Stephen King can write a whole novel in the voice of a guy who can't write a novel then maybe I can do the same for blogging? A blog about a guy who can't blog? Hmmm.

Some of us like to suggest group blogging projects. Before I went away I asked for photos of all you top sailing bloggers in Tilley hats so we could have a virtual party here. Thanks to both of you who responded. What a party. How are three of us going to drink all this rum?

While I was away Carol Anne suggested a group project to write poems based on Where I'm From by George Ella Lyons. I've written an attempt and will post it soon. But it would confuse you even more if it were the first post here after a two week hiatus.

And Adam suggested a project on what's your favorite sailing photo? Tough one dude. Do I go for one of spectacular action? Or one of the many I took in my years as a sailing instructor of little kids sailing badly but with huge smiles on their faces that told me that even if I couldn't teach them to sail well at least I was passing on the joy.

I have lots of idea for posts about the Cabarete trip. Why can't I write them?

How about a group project on how to overcome blogger's block?

Some of you have started to leave comments on my last post asking for info on my trip. It's good to feel missed... I think. Edward of course, my most prolific commenter; and I guess he would say the same of me. I know who 181839 is, didn't know you read this drivel, see you in Australia. As for David who wants his 15 minutes of fame, I'm confused. This is apparently the author of Never Sea Land; how am I going to make you more famous than you already are?

The fictional writer in Bag of Bones managed to disguise the fact that he had lost the ability to write by sending his publisher four years worth of novels that he had written before but never submitted for publication. Maybe I should have done that with blog posts. On second thoughts why would you want to read about what I was doing four years ago?

Why does spellcheck on Blogger not recognize bloggers and blogger's as valid words?

23 days until I leave for Australia. Need to spend some time on the hiking bench. See ya.

Hmmm. That wasn't so hard. Maybe I'm not haunted after all.

Told you it wouldn't make much sense.


Anonymous said...

nice to have you back

Zen said...

welcome back Gov.
as for the rum...well thats more for us!!

bring it on!

EVK4 said...

As to the lack of Tilly hats, I just can't wear one, even virtually. I'm a baseball cap guy, or as my friend from Iowa says, a Feed Cap Guy. I'll have a sip or two of virtual rum with you though.

Welcome back and don't worry about blogging. You get more hits by me hitting refresh every hour waiting for the new blog post.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten hooked on your drivel just in the last three months or so. You're a great writer and capture a lot of the same thoughts and feelings I have about racing Lasers. You make me go 'Hee, hee, hee!' which is a good thing. See ya Down Under!

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

Anonymous said...

Pick one favorite of each. Quality and Quantity

Anonymous said...

Ed. No one is a bigger dork in a Tilly hat than I as TMan will attest as he has my mugshot. Getcha Tilly hat on bro

JP said...

Welcome back tillerman!

Don't worry about those posts, wait till it feels right again. Or have a second cup of coffee. Or go on holiday again - wait, think you've got that one covered!

PeconicPuffin said...

Welcome back!

I'm happy to drink my third of the rum.

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance there's a nice bit in which the protaganist explains that writers' block is often the result of having too many things you want to say. He suggests beginning by making a list of what you think you'd like to write about, in no particular order.

It works for me.

Not that I think you have writers have the party rum!

Anonymous said...

I cant' believe there are only THREE boat bloggers with Tilley hats. I don't know about Puffy, but I prefer Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Anos, neat.

You can sip it slow while checking out my "Pescadoras" post.

Tillerman said...

Pescadoras de los viernes! Holy moly! You have out-roused Rouse.

EVK4 said...

Oh yeah, a writer writes. I meant to say that in my first comment.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Welcome back. Nice to see you posting away, even if your mind is still a bit fragmented [giggles]
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, T-man. You were missed! This purported "drivel" is what got me interested in Lasers. I'm just about to buy mine...don't you dare contract blogger's block on me now!!!

bonnie said...

Hey, more rum for us!

How does rum go with fish and chips and mushy peas with a nice side of whining about work?

ps - re Ed's comment - funny, I always picture Ed in a pirate hat for some reason.

Pat said...

Friday's Fisherwomen? Yep, it could be that the anglerettes are more popular than dead fish.

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