Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Sneeze

Hmmm. I may be getting old. I haven't sailed at all since my trip to Florida in March. Very lazy of me. Are Aprils always like this? Let's see. The blog never lies...

Last year in April I was doing quite a bit of solo Laser practice and thinking that I might be becoming addicted to it in The Sound of One Foot Clapping. And I was also wondering why nobody else was out sailing in the frigid bay waters in So Where the Bloody Hell Are You? Hmmm. That sounds like a bit more adventurous than what I've been up to this April.

Then two years ago I was running a bloody marathon through the Streets of London. Was that really me? It sounds like somebody totally different.

Three years ago I was frostbite racing every Sunday at Cedar Point YC and even waxing lyrical about sailing in the rain in Best of Times, Worst of Times. Surely that wasn't really me?

And in 2005 I was writing about attending a Laser clinic in Florida and whining in Pain about all the aches and pains and minor injuries I received there. Now that sounds like me!

Crazy solo sailor, crazy marathon runner, crazy dude racing in the rain, crazy old geezer sailing so much he hurt himself, or lazy old fart. Which one is the real me?

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PeconicPuffin said...

April is the best month of the year in the Northeast for wind, T. Get out there, says I.

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