Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Speed Links

The Schooners of New York Harbor by Bowsprite. The unique thing about this blog is the original artwork, and this post is a beautiful guide to recognition of the sailing schooners of New York Harbor. Worth a look.

A Wife's View by Mrs Yarg. In my dreams I sometimes fancy myself in the role of high school sailing coach. What could be more pleasant than spending a couple of hours every afternoon drifting around in a RIB watching kids sail? In this post the wife of Apparent Wind author Yarg shatters my illusions and explains what is really involved in my dream occupation.

Taming the Shrew by Mike Taylor, a graphic and erotic post about... well, don't let me spoil the surprise for you.


O Docker said...

If you were wondering about the future of blogging, I think Bowsprite is a great example of cool new things happening in Blogland.

Besides being a wonderful artist, she knows her way around boats and life on the New York waterfront, and a blog seems like the perfect showcase for her talents.

Highly recommended.

tillerman said...

Quite right Mr Docker. Ms Bowsprite is doing something unique and creative and cool in Blogland.

What next?

Perhaps someone will write an "Unblog"? I could imagine a good writer who could develop a reputation and readership in Blogland simply by leaving smart, insightful comments on other people's blogs. That person might even get his emails posted on other leading blogs in his niche and maybe even get his articles syndicated on Scuttlebutt.

Do you think that could ever happen?

O Docker said...

Well, this IS the land of opportunity. If you have goals and conviction, if you're willing to work tirelessly and sacrifice so that one day you can achieve those goals, anything is possible.

But just hanging out on sailing blogs, goofing off, and being a nuisance like me? Nah!

bowsprite said...

Tillerman, this is so perfect, the "Unblog"! Thank you for the post. I rest so happily under the umbrage of the Unposter. You two are so funny. Have a good unplugged few weeks! warmly, christina

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