Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Futuristic Sailors...

Three more entries today in our April group writing project Sailing in the Second Space Age.

Adam, who writes a blog about messing about in sailboats called Messing About in Sailboats, has given a lot of thought to what sailing will be like 15 to 25 years from now. He foresees major changes in the technology used for engines in sailboats, in communications and navigation technology, and in the information available to racing sailors. He predicts knock-on effects in the aesthetics of sailboats and in the skills required of sailors. Fascinating stuff. Check out Lighter, more efficient, smarter and a lot simpler.

My2fish, who writes a blog about Sunfish sailing called my2fish:a blog about Sunfish sailing, has offered a wild series of predictions about the possible consequences of "global schwarming." Sharks with laser beams on their heads to fight pirates, the death of frostbiting, the Great Lakes as the "new Cape Cod", and the continuing popularity of the Sunfish with over a million sold by 2025. But watch out for those carp! Crazy! It's all at sunfish sailing: 2025 and beyond.

Greg of Log of the s/v Clarity takes a different tack and simply tell us of his own plans for the sailing he and his wife Kris will be doing In the Year 2025.

So, in the six entries so far we have... three science-fiction-style stories about the America's Cup, the Racing Rules and Sunfish sailing, two personal dreams of future sailing plans from Sam and Greg, and some predictions about future sailboat design and technologies from Adam.

Great stuff.

Now it's your turn. Write anything you like
about sailing (or any other aspect of recreational boating) in the years 2025 to 2035. Use the first six entries as jumping-off places for your own ideas, or check out some of my suggestions for topics at Sailing in the Second Space Age, which has full details of how to participate.

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