Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coffee Table

Talking of tables, as we were, Dustin sent me some pictures of a boat that he says he wanted to use as a coffee table. He didn't explain why. It looks to me as if coffee cups would slide off that deck.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not 505. Hornet.

Mondale said...

In 1985 my father came home with a Fireball. It sat on the lawn for a few weeks awaiting some kind of attention. Then my mother went away for a week on a business trip. She left at about 4pm on the Friday. By 5.30pm the living room furniture (except sofa and TV) had been removed and the fireball had been installed in the living room (via the patio doors) , the sanding, painting and varnishing began. I remember watching 'Cheers' over the foredeck. When the work was done, the hull was removed and returned to it's trailer on the front lawn, all shiny and restored.
My mother did not believe it had actually happened. Until she saw the pictures.

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