Sunday, February 06, 2011


Sam says Laser sailors should stretch.

I agree with him. I like this one.

Great for relieving tension in the lower back.

What do you think Sam?


O Docker said...

You're slipping.

You've missed another opportunity for a sailing-related quiz in this photo.

I wonder if your readers can figure out from what popular sailing venue the mountain in this photo is often visible.

In fact, the appearance of that mountain in the distance is often taken as the sign of an unusually clear day there.

I can understand, though, why your attention may have been distracted from the mountain in the background.

Tillerman said...

O Docker, you read my mind. I did think of making this picture of a mountain into a sailing-related photo quiz.

But then I read your mind. And I knew that you would do a Google Image search on "Bhujangasana" and spot the image in 0.33 seconds from the 13,400 found and know that the mountain is Mount Baker which is often visible from the San Juan Islands.

So I didn't. So you couldn't. No crab hat for you today.

By the way, did you know that Bhujangasana is an anagram of San Juan Bag Ha!

Sam Chapin said...

the Yoga "Cobra pose". (I looked it up.) Part of the Nation of Indian Hindu culture that has come to USA and gotten separtated from the religous sections. That is the abdominal stretch and should help "core strength" and that sort of thing that is so important to top level folks -- and maybe the rest of us can ignore.

O Docker said...

Did you know that Proper Course is an anagram of

sore pop curer

So, maybe you derive the same therapeutic benefits from blogging that Sam does from stretching.

Pandabonium said...

One man's abdominal stretch is another's abominable one.

Mojo said...

Anagram of a blogger who enjoys creating and solving puzzles and contests?

ok coder

katey and nick mostly nick said...

Also Eco Dork.

Eco Dork said...

Actually, I prefer:

o rocked

Baydog said...

What about Mojo? Jomo? Nah, that doesn't work.

Eco Dork is pretty frickin funny!

Mojo said...

Those short anagrams can be so revealing.

tall miner said...

Mojo you are so wise.

omoj said...

I like the ana-handle, T-Man

miner... of the inscrutable

Mojo said...

And, for non-sailing readers like me, how about this ana-handle for those who may have rowed a race or two in college days?

we stroked

WV: phylod-oh!

sweet dork said...

Mojo you are a word skeet.

Mojo said...

One with too few letters, trod weeks.

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