Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Six

Oops. Almost missed it.

Last week this blog celebrated its sixth bloggiversary. Seems like only yesterday that I started jotting down my random thoughts about sailing and other drivel and assorted utter nonsense.

But after 1,952 posts, three new grandchildren, one house move, countless Laser races, even more days just sailing the Laser for fun... six years have flown by. I still have the same Laser. And the same wife. Amazing!

Along the way I won a few races, even won a couple of Laser regattas, sailed on the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and various rivers and bays and lakes, ran three marathons, made a lot of friends... and pissed off the Lord High Panjamdrum of the US Olympic Sailing Program. Ah! Happy days.

Here's to the next six years.


Antolin said...

congratulations, you inspire us all

O Docker said...

It seems like just a year ago, you were celebrating your fifth.

It will be much harder finding a sixth of something to send you.

Will you settle for a few quatrains?

Baydog said...

Is that six dog years? That would still be a compliment.

You most certainly do inspire us. I can honestly say that it was Proper Course that I stumbled upon
almost two years ago that awakened me to reading and commenting about sailing and other whacked out topics. You are one-of-a-kind, Tillerman, and we can't imagine
not having your presence among us.
I consider myself extra lucky to have actually met you and your more sensible half! She's a gem. Priceless. Jen Don. That's Italian for a thousand more years!
And Gabbagool. That's Italian for Gabbagool.

Baydog said...

Or a hundred years. At this point, really, what's the difference?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

If I could only convince you that there's sailing after Lasers!

Tillerman said...

Doc, there wasn't sailing before Lasers. Why should there be sailing after Lasers?

Dog, she sure is a gem. And thanks for the kind words.

bonnie said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

Smilicus said...

Congrats Tillerman. Your baby is now out of the diapers and leaving the nest for pre-school.

Keep up the interesting blogs.

JP said...

Congrats - keep up the good work!

Pandabonium said...

Happy Six! th.

There are six Tchaikovsky symphonies, six Brandenburg concertos, and six Bartok string quartets. So six is an important number. Not just in music. You know that funny game Americans play with the pointy ball? - six points for a touchdown. But you Brits have six balls to a cricket over. So sports is sixy too. And let's not forget Six Sigma - the goal of manufacturers to have only 3.4 defects per million.

I'm not sure your blog posts have reached that level of perfection, Tillerman, but you're close, so keep on blogging!

bonnie said...


If you are six, I am too. Guess I had a few things going on in late January...

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