Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Navigators

There are four more entries today in our February group writing project where you are invited to write posts on the general topic of Navigation.

First we have a second entry from Captain JP - Navigational mistake. When I launched this group writing contest I thought that people's screw-ups would be the most entertaining stories and JP's tale is certainly that. He blames tiredness but I suspect rum was involved.

And Jos, who usually writes about the Racing Rules, delved back into his past to tell us about one of his navigational screw-ups in A map, a compass and not much else. It's worth it for the picture alone so I stole it.

Baydog says Coxswain = Navigator. I guess.

Oh, and here comes Captain JP again, already on his third lap of the course, with Why lambs are navigational hazards.

You have until the end of the month to enter. And there is a valuable prize for the best entry, a copy of Tristan Gooley's book The Natural Navigator. You don't even need your own blog to have a shot at winning the prize. Full details of how to participate at Navigation.


Baydog said...

I'm actually still trying to come up with a half-intelligent essay.

Tillerman said...

Go for it. I always find that my half-intelligent posts are much more popular than the three-quarters intelligent ones.

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