Sunday, February 05, 2012

Superb Owl Sunday


Litoralis said...

That is truly a superb owl. Here's another superb owl in celebration of this important day.

my2fish said...

this is also a superb owl, and he grows tired of all these pointy football posts on a sailing blog.

Tillerman said...

My2fish, sailors need to study owls and how they use their wings to generate lift. It will improve their understanding of how sails work. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about sails watching the Superb Owl this evening.

Baydog said...

Hey M2F! You dissin' me?

O Docker said...

This is also a superb owl, photographed about 45 years after his peak of superbosity.

Possibly my noble university's most famous alumnus.

Tillerman said...

Hey M2F, no dissing Baydog here. Go over to his blog if you want to diss him.

Actually Baydog - I thought he was dissing me. That's OK. I deserve it.

my2fish said...

Baydog and Tillerman - no real "dis" meant to either of you. I was just trying to justify the reason for the owl's yawn in the picture I linked to.

I expect pointy football posts from Baydog. I was a little surprised to see several in a row from you, though Tillerman. But again, no complaints.

It was all the owl's fault. Once again, I've fallen back to blaming things on hooters.

Speaking of pointy football and hooters, that reminds me of the number 43.

Tillerman said...

O Docker, thank you for the picture of your noble university's most famous alumnus. My family have long been admirers of Dr. Huxtable.

My noble university has had many famous alumni, many of which were certainly wise old owls. But perhaps the most famous of all is this superb owl who is also by far the most famous alumnus of my not so noble high school.

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