Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mount Hope Bay Sunset

The Tillercottage looks out over Mount Hope Bay, the north-eastern arm of Narragansett Bay.

On Wednesday evenings in the summer we can usually watch the yachts of Tiverton Yacht Club racing on the bay.

Last night there were no boats on the bay. Apparently summer is over. At least for some sailors.

But there was a fairly decent sunset.

Earlier in the day Tillerwoman and I had been babysitting our 2-year-old grandson Owen while his parents were at work.

Before putting him down for his afternoon nap, I "read" to him from a picture book which had all kinds of vehicles in it.

Diggers and firetrucks and motorcycles and garbage trucks. Stuff all little boys love.

There were also some boats. A racing yacht. A trawler. A tugboat.

I talked to Owen about each boat and what it was used for, and ended each description by saying, "And when you are at Granddad's house you can see boats like that on Mount Hope Bay."

Before I had finished he was sleepily repeating, "Mount Hope Bay. Mount Hope Bay."

I always think it's a big breakthrough when each of the grandkids learns to add "Mount Hope Bay" to his or her vocabulary.

Then I sang Wheels on the Bus and rubbed his back as Owen drifted off to sleep to dream of tugboats and trawlers and racing yachts.

Life is good.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Yes! Life is good! Live strong. Consider ourselves lucky.

"Life is full of unpredictability. The best one can do is to be prepared to take advantage of whatever happens - on the racecourse and in life. Tack on the headers and sail for the darker patches and the other sailors will say you are lucky..."

Anonymous said...

The wednesday night racing on Mount Hope Bay for SIRA/TYC is completed for 2012. It gets dark too early this time of year. The fall series starts this saturday at 1300.
S/V Selah, a fourty year old Ranger 33 has the honor of being committee boat for the first race of the fall series.
If you look closely and the fickle weather cooperates, you may notice smoke from the bar b cue on the stern rail and the crew enjoying a cold adult beverage or two. We are in need of a photographer for this event if you know anyone available please contact me.

S/V Selah
Swansea Marina
PS Casting off @ 11:30

Tillerman said...

Sorry I won't be able to see you this weekend Dave. I will be sailing my Laser in the New England Masters down at the mouth of the Sakonnet. Have fun on RC.

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