Saturday, September 22, 2012

Which way are we looking?

This is one of those quizzes, like the ones you find on the Natural Navigator blog. It's amazing how much information someone skilled in natural navigation can deduce from one photo.

1. Which way are we looking?

2. Where was the photo taken?

3. Where is the nearest sailing club?

4. What was I drinking when I took this photo?

5. What will I eat later that includes crispy bacon?


Dallas Dude said...

Ok I'll play
1. Northwest
2. Tillerman's back porch
3. Over your left shoulder
4. Hot tea
5. Eggs

BeachComber said...

1. South, presuming you are in the northern hemisphere, which...
2. ...England is
3. Weymouth
4. Boddingtons
5. A bacon butty with HP sauce.

Tillerman said...

Dallas Dude - Eggs for #5 is correct. But how were the eggs cooked and what else was part of the dish?

BeachComber - your first two answers are close to the correct answers, but no cigar.

JP said...

That hill in the distance is interesting - could it be the south downs?

That would make the location Sussex, the direction looking south and the nearest sailing club Chichester / Hayling Island.

Tillerman said...

The ridge line in the distance is an interesting shape isn't it, and knowing exactly where I was and knowing the area quite well... I managed to identify it totally incorrectly. Your guess is not a million miles from the correct location JP - but you are not even in the right country.

Chris Partridge said...

Looking north to Cap Blanc Nez?
In which case the nearest real rowing club is....Langstone Cutters! And you were drinking armagnac. Remember that glorious scene in one of the sequels to Darling Buds of May (the books, not the telly version with that Welsh bint with the big boobies) when the Larkin tribe go en vacances in Normandy? Pop wakes early and decides to go for breakfast in the village. At the cafe he tries to get them to understand he wants "Three know...THREE EGGS" and they bring him a triple brandy.

Dallas Dude said...

brouillade de truffes, which means you are in France during the height of truffle season and I'm jealous. Might be having french pastry/ bread and #4 would be coffee.

My guess for number 2 is now Cannes.

Tillerman said...

Chris - what an interesting idea. Totally wrong in almost every respect.

Except... there is one word in your diatribe which unintentionally might be a clue to the answer to question #2.

Tillerman said...

Dallas Dude - your second guess is also totally wrong in almost every respect.

This is not France. The crispy bacon was not served with brouillade de truffes. Although, oddly enough, another dish at the same meal did feature an item cooked in truffle oil.

And... there are two words in your diatribe which unintentionally might be a clue to the answer to question #4.

Anonymous said...

You are in Wales and looking towards the Black Mountain from possibly the Brecon Beacons. The nearest and best sailing club is the Llangorse Sailing Club. You might be drinking coffee. And you might be about to have a full monty breakfast of local sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and tomatoes. With laver bread? Perhaps a Marmite fritter or two! Perhaps some mushrooms in truffle oil?

Tillerman said...

Wow Anonymous. This is by far the best answer so far.

We are indeed in that south-eastern corner of Wales, although not exactly where you suggest. And I did have a breakfast very similar to what you describe, but that was not the right answer to question 5.

So you don't have the correct answer to any of the questions, but let's see what others can come up with now that we have established the general geographical area we are in.

And let's have some more clues...

1. The time is early afternoon
2. So the next meal is not breakfast
3. I have already revealed that the direction we are looking is not south but close to it.
4. After dusk we could see what appeared to be the lights of a large town or small city in front of that distant ridge.
5. My next post will also have some hidden clues to these questions.

Dallas Dude said...

1. Southwest
2. Guillford Yacht Club
3. You are at the closest sailing club.
4. Dark and Stormy.
5. Eggs Benedict at your son' s reception.


Tillerman said...

!. Yes, we are looking southwest. You see this natural navigation thing is easy really.
2. Not Guilford Yacht Club. I have already confirmed that the picture was taken in Wales. GYC is in Connecticut and looking SW from there you would see Long Island Sound. That is not Long Island Sound!
3. No. Actually i think that three sailing clubs are roughly equidistant from the spot I took the photo, so let's make the question harder and ask you to name all three! One of them is actually more or less directly in the direction we are looking (although it is hidden in a fold in the hills.)
4. Dallas Dude, you already got the right answer to this question in your comment to the next post. I was drinking champagne.
5. Not Eggs Benedict although the eggs were poached. You need one more ingredient.

This was a wedding (as the next post reveals). But it was not my son's. My youngest son was married three years ago. This picture was taken this weekend at my niece's wedding in Wales.

So now you need to nail down the location a little more precisely, name the three nearest sailing clubs, and identify the mystery ingredient - which is a vegetable.

Dallas Dude said...

3. Clywedog SC might be just over that ridge

5. Eggs Sardou

Anonymous said...

You might have been at Caldicot castle. The town in the distance was perhaps Newport. A close sailing club is Uskmouth S.C., don't know the others (there must be a few in Cardiff). And the the vegetable is either wilted spinach or roasted root vegetable hash.

Tillerman said...

You almost have it Anonymous.

The lights may have been Newport or more likely Cwmbran just to its north. But Newport is west of Caldicot and we were looking south-west. Anyway, at least we have the right county now. The photo was taken in Monmouthshire.

The vegetable may be tricky. It is out of season right now.

Tillerman said...

Sorry. Wrong on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Leeks, the emblem of Wales, perhaps? For good luck!

Baydog said...


Tillerman said...

Yay. Baydog got the foodie questions. The first course at the meal at the wedding reception was indeed asparagus and poached egg with Hollandaise sauce and a slice of crispy pancetta on top.

It seems that restaurants in the UK are having a pancetta craze right now. Every menu we have seen has dishes that have pancetta as a kind of garnish. In the hotel it was served with lamb. In an old-fashione pub last night it was offered with a fish dish. What is going on? Has the Pancetta Marketing Board been working overtime? Is Gordon Ramsay to blame? It has almost taken over the hallowed role of Marmite in the British diet.

JP said...

Biggest cooking trend at the moment is the great british bake off (GBBO) - watch it on Tuesday evenings bbc2 8pm. Double eviction this week and jam doughnuts - can't wait!

Litoralis said...

Here's Google's version of the view:,-2.737692&spn=0.001039,0.002607&safe=active&hnear=Monmouth+NP25+4JS,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=51.771025,-2.737692&panoid=per-D_cqYUQR2c2jVabj0w&cbp=12,247.52,,0,1.76

Tillerman said...

Very clever Litorails. Now any natural navigation quiz can be solved with a reverse use of Google Street View.

I tried to do the same thing using IOS 6 on my iPhone and it showed a view of a Chinese restaurant in the middle of a river. Very odd.

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