Friday, September 07, 2012

Sailing Widow



I did tell you I am going to sail on Saturday and Sunday this weekend... didn't I?


JP said...

Isn't that what Google / iCloud / Outlook does already?

Sorry, inner geek escapes every now and then

Tillerman said...

I have no idea.

My wife and I maintain a simple shared personal real appointments calendar book in our house. But then our lives aren't as complicated as larger families with kids.

I just thought the ad was funny. I have no personal interest in promoting

O Docker said...

Ah, so the Xtranormal film festival has become an annual September tradition on your blog!

Great idea!

Tillerman said...

If you like. Maybe we should have a group Xtranormal project instead of a group writing project?

O Docker said...

It would be something different.

But you need to be something of a geek to create one and it takes more time than writing a post.

Also, if I recall, there's a small charge to create a video that can be shared.

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