Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best Cruising Blog on the Planet

As I have mentioned before, I have never been attracted to the cruising lifestyle, but I do occasionally read some cruising blogs. My big favorite cruising blog at the moment is Windtraveler. It definitely has my nomination for best cruising blog on the planet.

Not only does Windtraveler cover the obligatory "boat maintenance in exotic locations" subject with fascinating posts on installing a watermaker, something to do with a mini-stay which I don't begin to understand, and the always-fun, what to do when the shitter's full.

Not only does Windtraveler report on their adventures ashore in fascinating locations such as Grenada and Trinidad, and playing with water toys in the Bahamas.

But Windtraveler has an extra ingredient that makes it special for me.

It is not the story of a young couple cruising on their own before they have kids (if they ever get around to having kids.) It is not the story of a retired couple cruising on their own and leaving their kids and grandkids behind on land for months or even years.

It is the story of a family cruising together. Just three of them so far. Scott, Brittany and baby Isla. And it is the joy that the parents show in cruising with their child, and the happiness of their beautiful little girl on the boat that shines out in their blog, and makes it special.

The posts I like best on Windtraveler are ones like when Isla helps her Daddy with his work on the boat, or this one with pictures of Isla on the Bahama crossing, or this one about their first night aboard with Isla.

Everyone's different, I know. And good luck to all those couples cruising by themselves. But if you have followed my blog for any time you will know that my kids and my grandkids are a huge part of my life and I couldn't even imagine going off an extended cruise around the world and leaving them behind.

Here is a photo of Isla with Brittany. Is she having fun, or what?


bonnie said...

I've been enjoying that blog too! Can't imagine what a sailor that little girl is going to grow up to be.

JP said...

It's fun isn't it? I rather liked those three colour coordinated toys they've got dangling off their stern (a dinghy, stand-on board and an inflatable kayak). Looks a lot more fun than endless Excel spreadsheets in an office.

Baydog said...

What a lucky girl. Do you think they'll take a break for a while when their daughter reaches Kindergarten?

Tillerman said...

Home school. Boat school. What's the difference?

Baydog said...

Uh,.....I'd rather be on a boat. But I dunno. Chances are, I suppose, the parents are more than capable of h, I mean boat-schooling their child. Just curious

Baydog said...

Then again there is one more option. School school?

O Docker said...

Isla is going to learn a lot more on that boat than she ever would in kindergarten. She'll probably be able to bleed a diesel engine by the time she's seven - something I still can't do.

All I remember about kindergarten are some boring building blocks and sprouting beans in a marmalade jar.

Tillerman said...

Brittany did discuss their thinking on schooling for their kids in this post.

Anonymous said...

Check out Bumfuzzle and Ceilydh for similarly entertaining blogs of cruisers with kids. Their earlier travels sans kids were equally entertaining to read through on a miserable March evening. But the most hilarious was/is Sereia - I challenge you to read one of her posts from their trips across the Pacific and around New Zealand without howling.

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