Monday, February 01, 2016

Best Aerial Footage of Laser Sailing Ever

Check out this video of the last day of racing at the 14th Caribbean Laser Midwinters in Cabarete, Dominican Republic in January.

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that this could well be the best aerial video of Laser racing ever made. Plus it totally captures the experience of sailing and racing at Cabarete. Kudos to ALZA Cabarete for a superb job.

My 2-year-old grandson Andrew loves to watch videos of boats.

When I am over at his house he will come up to me with a big grin and say, "Boats. Boats. Boats." This is the sign that he wants Granddad to get out his computer and show him the video in this post of last year's International Moth US Nationals at the Columbia River Gorge.

Next time Andrew asks for "Boats. Boats. Boats" I am going to show him Lasers at Cabarete.

It's never too early to get them hooked on Lasers!


Tillerman said...

Tillerwoman says she doesn't like the music on the video. It needs to be more upbeat she says.

Apparently the title of the music is "Apathy ft Coma."

Hmmm. Any song with "Apathy" and "Coma" in the title is not likely to be very upbeat, I guess?

JP said...

Looks just F.A.B & humbly disagree with Tillerwoman as I rather like the music. Makes me want to not be in an office in London on a cold February day but somewhere warm sailing, so guess that's job done.

Klamer said...

I don't like sand in my boat -- and cannot avoid that with beach Launches. Otherwise it looks like heaven...

Tillerman said...

Not a problem at Cabarete Klamer. If you do by any chance get sand in your boat (and I don't recall this ever being a problem) the first wave breaking over your boat will soon wash it out.

Ari said...

Doesn't like sand in his boat. Does he like wind on his sail?
Does he like surfing down a wave?
Sometimes in life we have to take the things we love, with a bit of the things we don't like.
Thanks for sharing the video tillerman. I "heard" about it from a sailor in Sweden who forwarded me the link. You are global.

Jay Eveleth said...

Great video! Do you know how they did it? Drone? Helicopter? Airplane? If done with a drone, is there a link to a TV monitor on land so the operator can change the zoom when appropriate?

Tillerman said...

Jay, according to ALZA Cabarete's Facebook page....

"We do aerial video and photography using a remote controlled quadcopter. "

I'm no expert on such matters, but I assume they must have some way of monitoring the video stream in real time to get such high quality footage. Don't most drones do this via a smartphone or tablet?

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