Thursday, February 11, 2016

February Made Me Shiver

Special Weather Statement for Newport County, Rhode Island

"Potentially life threatening wind chills."

"Temperatures will fall below zero."

"Gusts up tp 40 mph."

"Wind chill values between 15 and 25 degrees below zero."

"Frostbite in 10 minutes or less on exposed skin."


I guess I won't be sailing on Sunday.


O Docker said...

Well, let's hope it's not so cold that the music dies.

The fellow whom February first made shiver sold his original manuscript for $1.2 million last year. So, until that point at least, the music was apparently doing quite well, thank you.

JP said...

You know I asked for a photo of someone sailing an Aero with icebergs: I don't think this is the right weather for an attempt at that!

Jay Eveleth said...

No guts, no glory, no sailing

Tillerman said...

I hear that they asked the fellow whom February first made shiver about the meaning of his song and he replied that it means he never has to work again.

Skippy said...

When the sun comes up - I will send you a picture of the crocus's that have been up for two weeks. Almost bloomed out. Daffodils should be blooming this week.
John at 45degrees 31 minutes north

Tillerman said...

Skippy - I hate you.

On second thoughts, can you recommend a good realtor in Portland?

Baydog said...

I thought this was going to be a writing assignment

Tillerman said...

A writing assignment. What? Something along the lines of "write a post about sailing inspired by a title or a phrase from a Don McLean song?

Tillerman said...

Or even better - "write a post about sailing inspired by a phrase from American Pie."

Can you teach me how to tack real slow?

Them good ole boys in the yacht club bar were drinking whiskey and rye.

And there we were all in one place, 50 boats at the windward mark.

The three men I admire the most, Jimmy, Ben and the Holy Scheidt.

AP over A. No time left to start again.

The possibilities are endless!

Peter Barton said...

Best wear an extra layer. Better still find a nice warm gym or swimming pool instead!

I have just checked and 0'F = -18'C. Even crazy Brits don't do that! (But it does not get put to the test many times in a decade i the UK)

Isn't this what Nonsuch Bay, Antigua, is for?

Tillerman said...

The forecast for tomorrow afternoon in Newport is 13°F (- 10.5°C) and 16 mph winds. (Sea water freezes at around 28°F.)

Yesterday the Laser fleet captain sent out an email saying, "At this time Sunday is a close call but not looking good."

Whatever he decides, this "crazy Brit" will not be sailing in that temperature. I will probably be in my "nice warm gym" in the basement.

Tillerman said...

Just in from the fleet captain...

"No sailing tomorrow. It will be a bit too chilly."

bonnie said...

just a bit?

Must be tough, those Rhode Islanders. I have rearranged even my brunch plans tomorrow to minimize steps from subway station to restaurant!

Tillerman said...

It got down to -7.6°F at Proper Course World HQ on Saturday night.

O Docker said...

You've been living in the northeast US for quite some time now.

Does it seem that the weather is substantially different there than it was thirty years ago? Has it materially affected your life at all - the kind of activities you do, your sailing, your wife's gardening, or anything else in your life?

It occurs to me that, with your geographically diverse readership, this might be an interesting question to throw open to your readers, perhaps in a new blog post.

I'm not one of those who doubts the 'overwhelming data' scientists are reporting, showing global weather is changing much quicker than the normal ebb and flow between ice ages would predict. But I wonder what some grass roots data from real people might look like, however unscientifically gathered.

Everyone blogs about the weather, but here would be a chance for Tillerman to actually do something about it.

Tillerman said...

Good to hear from you O Docker.

I have been living in the northeast US for quite some time - about 27 years actually. But at first I lived in inland New Jersey and now I live quite close to the coast in Rhode Island. And I think there are significant differences between how I experience the weather in the two locations, even if the climates of the two states are not all that different.

For example we live now on the side of a hill looking over a bay in a position very exposed to the prevailing NW winds. So it seems a lot windier to me now than when I lived in inland NJ in a house with trees all around it.

Also I am much more aware of how the weather affects the sea here.

And when in NJ I was working, whereas I am now a gentleman of leisure. So I spend a lot more time doing things outside now - sailing, running, gardening - than I did in NJ. And that affects my perception of the weather.

I suppose that's a roundabout way of saying that I find it hard to compare weather patterns from 30 years ago because
a) I lived in the UK 30 years ago
b) I live in NJ from 27 to 9 years ago
c) the local geography of our NJ and RI houses are very different
d) when I was working I was traveling a lot to other parts of the world and working inside 5 days a week.

And, as I've said before, I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

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