Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sailing Photo Quiz

What is the connection between these three photos?

Clue #1 - this is a sailing blog


O Docker said...

Picture two is some guy who did not make the 2016 US Olympic sailing team, but who plays a character on the tele named Thomas Barrow, which sounds a lot like Thomas Barrows, who is a guy who did make the US 2016 Olympic sailing team.

Picture three is some guy who can't decide if he is a Republican or a Democrat and who also did not make the 2016 US Olympic sailing team but whose daughter did.

Picture one is somewhere in France where the 2016 Summer Olympics will not be held.

Tillerman said...

Pretty good O Docker. The connection is indeed the names of the sailors for three slots on the US Olympic team decided this weekend. And I am surprised you did not get the first one too.

Congratulations to the sailors selected for to go to the Olympics...

49erFX - PARIS Henken and Helena Scutt
49er - THOMAS BARROWS and Joe Morris
NACRA 17 - Bora Gulari and Louisa CHAFEE

O Docker said...

Do I still qualify for the Ginsu knives?

And what is the connection between picture number three and Ginsu knives?

Tillerman said...

Amazingly Google turns up several connections between one time presidential candidate (if you blinked you might have missed it) Chafee and Ginsu knives. Perhaps you were thinking of this one?

The grand prize that O Docker wins for solving two thirds of the picture quiz is that Tillerman will write two thirds of a blog post on any topic of his choosing.

O Docker said...

Didn't know about that story.

I was just thinking that Chafee was governor of the state that gave us the Ginsu knife. And that Tillerman can almost see Ginsu world headquarters from his house.

But wait, there's more!

It turns out that the Ginsu guy literally invented the infomercial all by himself, so your state is also responsible for inflicting what must by now be millions of hours of pain and suffering upon late night television viewers over many decades.

It might very well be that all of this cold weather you've been made to suffer through is God's way of getting even. You might offer up a prayer of forgiveness.

His operators are standing by.

Tillerman said...

My information is that Ginsu knives are now manufactured in Arkansas. I cannot see Arkansas from Proper Course World Headquarters.

Anyway, I am still waiting for O Docker to claim his prize and choose a topic on which I will have to write two thirds of a blog post.

O Docker said...

I've been trying to imagine what two-thirds of a blog post is, as any blog post is a whole, for better or worse, when the 'Publish' button is clicked.

It's like trying to imagine four-dimensional space, or a three-dimensional presidential candidate.

But the day after Valentine's Day, it occurs to me that the best blog posts come from the heart and not from performing a task assigned by someone else. So blog on, Tillerman. Do whatever your heart tells you to do. Or at least whatever your wife's heart tells you to do.

Tillerman said...

OK. I will try and write two thirds of a blog post for you O Docker. Which two thirds do you want? The first two thirds, the last two thirds, or the first and last thirds?

O Docker said...

I don't know.

Which two thirds of the earth's surface are covered by water? The first two thirds? The last two thirds? Or the first and last thirds?

I'd think those are the two thirds of a blog post readers of a sailing blog would want to know about.

Tillerman said...

The Indian Ocean is the third biggest ocean (by volume and area.)

The sulfate ion is the ion with the third biggest concentration in sea water (after sodium and chloride ions.)

So a blog post about sulfate ions in the Indian Ocean would be about two "thirds" of the oceans.

But it wouldn't be very interesting.

Or very long.

Tillerman said...

Oh look. I was wrong. Some clever bloggers from Harvard University have already written a very long blog post about sulfate ions in the Indian Ocean.

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