Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Exercise Routine

Last week it definitely felt like spring had arrived in this corner of northern New Jersey. Balmy, sunny days with soft breezes that just made you want to spend the whole day outside.

I meandered down to our local town library and, as I entered, the ladies at the desk all turned their heads and looked at me and uttered a collective, "Wow!" Now I don't usually cause this effect in the female of the species, but I was wearing shorts so I guess the "wow" was a recognition that I represented the first sighting of bare male knees this spring. Another "first" for Tillerman.

It's easy to find the motivation to exercise when the weather is like this. This is how the week went ...

Running - 4 mile pace run
40 minutes core strength and hiking workout

Tuesday Running - 800 meter intervals at track
40 minutes weight lifting

Wednesday Cycle - 60 minutes

Thursday Running - 90 minutes stamina run

Friday 60 minutes core strength, hiking and lifting exercises

Saturday Running - 30 minutes easy

Sunday 3.5 hours Laser sailing


Dwayne Clark said...


You ever run this one?



Tillerman said...

No, never done the Adirondack Marathon - though it looks like an interesting scenic course. So far my 2 marathons have been in January - partly to give me motivation to exercise in the fall and early winter as sailing season winds down.

Dwayne Clark said...

Here in Florida we run Marathons in December and January because you die of heat stroke otherwise. I have run (jogged / crawled) 3 Jacksonville Marathons. It is flat and shady. In what part of the World have you run you marathons?

Have a good one.


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