Saturday, April 01, 2006

More on Rule 42

Following up on Tuesday's post about the Propulsion Rule in the Racing Rules of Sailing, I recently had the pleasure to re-read Paul Hochs' book on sailing ethics and rules. The following extract from Dr Hochs' book sets a standard to which we can all aspire.
The ethical sailor does more than just observe the letter of the rules. He demonstrates strict adherence to the spirit of the rules both as an example to others and to ensure that no shred of blame can be attached to himself. As an example, the ethical sailor will establish that he is never guilty of sculling by returning his tiller to the central position after every steering maneuver and holding the tiller in this position while loudly hailing to nearby boats, "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi" to establish his adherence to the rule. This is especially important after heavy weather gybes where certain sailors have been known to attempt to steer an S-shaped course in clear violation of the no-sculling rule.
From The Ethical Sailor by Paul Hochs - 1966 - Harlequin Books.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking that Dr. Hoch's writings were incompatible with Laser sailing, but then I found out that this was all in jest. Well done!

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