Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's Not True What They Say About Me

Best sailing blog on the planet - EVK4 Bloglet

Tillerman's writing style is earnest and casual. Posts are anecdotal and interlaced with personal insights, opinions and stories which cover many topics but always display his passion for sailing - The Skip's Blog

Half the time I don't know what the hell the Tillerman is talking about - The Horse's Mouth

I was inspired by Tillerman - Litoralis

Fabulous - Ocean Simplicity Blog

Pretty darned cool - Frogma

Pretty good - Soulsailor

Funny sunny stuff - Live Sail Die

Tillerman should never have to buy his own beers again - About Sailing

Sir, you are completely insane in the most wonderful way - Bonnie

Tillerman - You have a very twisted sense of humor - Dan Kim

Dinghy Nutter - Fuff

You're blog is a great read. I'd miss it more than toothpaste - Chuck

As far as quality blogs "the Proper Course" is at the top - The Skip

Off you bloody go with your "Big-Up-The-Laser" rant - Ant Clay

The literal "Granddaddy" of sailing bloggers - WBM


Carol Anne said...

I agree with litoralis. You're the one who convinced me to go for this Adams Cup thing.

EVK4 said...

Have you ever googled tillerman? The first hit calls you a Las Vegas landmark for more than 20 years. Down the way you're called a "longtime fan and pro"; and apparently you have a blog about being a gambling degenerate. who exactly are you? A sailing poker playing Cat Stevens fan?

I thouht I knew you man.

Ant said...

Crao...did I say you were pretty good.. that ain't good enuff dude, especially at the start of the sailing season.. lets up the ante to "Tillerman's damned cool in Spring"

Anonymous said...

Out of context! Out of context!

Anonymous said...

It is true, you confuse the shit out of me....or maybe I should cut back on the rum and cokes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not any kind of sailing fan but Tillerman's insightful, intelligent and easy writing style may just convert me.

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