Thursday, April 13, 2006

Persistent or Oscillating

Dave Dellenbaugh introduced tip #5, in his lecture on Top Ten Tactical Tips, by asking his audience a question (just as he did for tip #4). This time the question was: You are sailing along on a beat and you start to get headed. Do you tack or keep going?

This time the audience were wised up to Dave's brand of trickery so nobody took the bait. Of course once again the answer is, "It depends." If you are sailing in oscillating winds you should tack on a significant header. If you believe that it is a persistent shift you should keep going until you can tack and be lifted up to the layline. You knew that, I'm sure.

But the harder question is how do you know if you are sailing in oscillating shifts or a persistent shift. Dave discussed with us at least six ways of finding out.

How many do you know? Comments please.

And here is a post about the answers.


Litoralis said...

Reliable weather report

Race committee keeps moving the windward mark in the same direction between races

Period between oscillating shifts is shorter than the time it takes to finish the upwind leg

Pat said...

Besides the basic writing down head-to-wind bearings every so many minutes?

Anonymous said...

My mother would tell you it's probably too windy and we should just head back to the marina and get something to drink (vodka based probably).

bonnie said...

Cardinal's mom sounds like good people!

JP said...

Observe conditions over a period before the race to see if there's any pattern? Watch the water in the distance (ok easier on yacht than dinghy)?

Enjoying the race tips Tillerman - kee p them coming!

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