Friday, April 28, 2006


I do like to do some yoga stretches before any exercise, whether it is running, sailing, weight-lifting or using the hiking bench. Many experts advise that stretching is helpful, even essential for older bodies like mine.

I think Cutest Granddaughter in the World has been watching me doing my yoga and trying to copy me.

Here she makes a brave try at Upward Facing Dog but, being the genius that she is, I think her brains are too heavy for her to achieve the perfect position.

She makes a better attempt at Full Boat Pose. Of course with both grandfathers having a passion for boats and a father and uncle who are sailors we would expect her to be good at anything to do with boats.

Perhaps for the time being she should stick to what she does best.

Sleep well you Princess of New England.


maiylah said... cute!

Anonymous said...

It's always good to see the training of future sailors. Oh yeah, cute.

Drink 2 apple juices, a warm bottle of milk and take a nap this afternoon. Please don't make a mess in your pants.

EVK4 said...

sleep is what she does best...she has very lucky parents!

Tammy Brierly said...

She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Of course, some of the best exercise for Tillerman is picking up his granddaughter... and carrying her around.

That's what my father does with my two nephews... although, they're starting to get a bit big for that.. :D

Tillerman said...

Oh, I just throw her over my shoulder and hardly know she's there.

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