Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sailing Biathlon

At last, someone has come up with an event that Tillerwoman and I can do together. (She doesn't like sailing but she enjoys cooking and is a superb cook.)

Trust the Italians to think of this. The San Pellegrino Cooking Cup is a "competition for experts in the arts of seamanship and fine cuisine". As far as I can gather this is a ten mile yacht race during which certain members of the crew are required to whip up a gourmet meal in the galley which is then judged by a panel of experts. To win the event you have to obtain the best combined score in yacht racing and cooking.

The website is a bit sketchy on the rules. Will excessive roll tacking ruin the souffle? Does use of the blender infringe rule 42?
Is it possible to appeal against decisions of the Gastronomic Jury?

Anyway - seems like a neat idea. Might propose it to the commodore of our sailing club - he's looking for new ideas for our club.

I wonder if it's possible to cook Ossobuco in a Laser?



Carol Anne said...

I have noticed that the Rio Grande Sailing Club has a large number of gourmet chefs. We've been eating very well at the Fleet 141 Compound during the Adams Cup practice weekends. This sort of event might be just the ticket.

Anonymous said...

my dad was a butcher for 30 years and always loves a good steak.
he has managed to strap a BBQ in the most obscure places!!!
im sure he could come up with a way of preparing a 5 course meal on a laser!!!

Anonymous said...

You'd have to be sailing Snoopy's Laser to get a proper galley on one. I have noticed that a fair number of sailors I know are decent, if not superb, cooks. :D

Tammy Brierly said...

I'd love to see how you do this one! LOL

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