Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Entry for the Group Writing Project

It seems that there has been less interest than usual in this month's group writing project Heyitwasgreat. Maybe it's harder to write about good sailing experiences than to relate stories of mistakes and screw-ups? Maybe my usual respondents are all out sailing? Maybe it's the price of gas? I dunno.

Anyway we have one more entry from David Anderson who asks, "How great can it be when a Laser beats you in the end?" I don't quite understand that question. I am always getting beaten by a Laser, or more usually a couple of dozen Lasers. Anyway he tells us all about his Megabyte adventures at the High Sierra Regatta and admits that Heyitwasgreat Noreallyitwas.


bonnie said...

Working insane hours weekdays. Weekends eaten up in the best way possible (paddling and/or hangin' with my honey).

Could I possibly submit an entire photo gallery from a li'l no-boys-allowed sailing expedition I went on November 2005?

OMGitwasgreat...don't tell TQ but I think that may have been the most amazing vacation of my entire life.

The only part that sucked was the bit I accidentally half-deflated the dinghy & our pump was such an unworkable piece of crap that it totally wrecked the young'uns plans to go rage the night away at Foxy's. What a maroon.

ps loved Capt. JP's entry...the lights came on...gorgeous.

bonnie said...

OK, actually I think I veto it myself. The whole point of the group writing exercise is to write something, not cheat & put up a link to something you wrote two and a half years ago.

But I'm leaving up the first comment because if I'd had time to write a heyitwasgreat post, it would have been about that vacation.

Funny thing about memory...I remember that as such a perfect, blissful, amazing vacation. What slipped my mind entirely, until I was going through the gallery again, was that I was still aching a bit from some silly thoughtless man breaking my heart a little tiny bit.

Going sailing someplace spectacular with a great bunch of women had some amazing curative powers.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, don't the Moorings guys who regulate the wind in the BVI's do a great job?

And how about the Disney team that designed the anchorages and beaches?

I think the only place they goofed was in the color of the water. Anyone who sees it knows right away it can't be real.

bonnie said...

Darned straight, O-Docker. If they'd just lay off the food coloring, everything would be PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and they don't need to waste all that energy keeping the water as warm as they do.

bonnie said...

True. How very un-green of them.

I'd like to go down there & do a thorough investigation. Anyone else want to sign up the research team?

bonnie said...

sign up FOR the research team I mean. Early yet.

Anonymous said...

I think we should pay them a surprise visit inspection this November when they won't be expecting us.

bonnie said...

I like your thinking.

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