Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Caption Contest

So much has changed in the game of Lasering since this photo was taken at the 1980 Worlds.

The picture is just crying out for a caption. Go for it.


Anonymous said...

Is that an Island Packet in your Speedo or are you just pleased to see me sailor boy

Anonymous said...

Altogether now, Y-M-C-A, Y-M-C-A

Anonymous said...


Sails are yellow,
I'm a fellow.
Wall you sit on,
You I hit on.

Anonymous said...

And today, Kevin is modeling the all new Giblet Bag by Christian Dior. they were all the rage at the 77' Laser Nationals...

Vigilante said...

Actually, I have to challenge your premise. I was there in the 80's. Not at the World's. But in Lasers up to my neck. What's changed? Besides longer sail numbers?

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Who wears short-shorts?


(Kevin & Adam, I am rolling on the floor laughing!)

Anonymous said...

Well vigilante, I guess the picture may emphasize what has changed rather than what is still the same. I would agree that the Laser class still has the finest, single-handed, strict one-design racing in the world.

But what has changed?

a) no more colored sails
b) sailing clothing... you didn't see rashguards and hiking pants back in the 80's
c) haircuts

and though you don't see it clearly in the picture what has also changed are

d) the sailcloth
e) the sail controls
f) downwind technique.

Oh, one more thing that hasn't changed... waiting your turn for the ramp at Kingston, which I assume is what the picture actually shows. Last time I was at CORK we were lined up on that wall just the same. (Apart from the short shorts of course.)

PS. I was there in the 80's too and I do confess that my first Laser had a sail exactly that color.

Anonymous said...

What's changed? The organizers at CORK are brighter (full-rigs launch at other parts of the facility, only Radials hang on the wall) and, um, have "forgotten a few things", such as that nice bit of line to pull yourself along the wall. Nothing worse than getting to the junction of the concrete and grabbing some rotting tire infested with a bazillion spiders for that last push to the ramp.

BTW, I registered for CORK v2008 yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If the CORK organizers have solved the ramp wait problem (it only took them 30 years) I'm almost tempted to sign up myself. Now where are my yellow hiking boots and short shorts?

bonnie said...

And Christy's got me rolling on the floor laughing too. Good thing Tillerman installed this nice orange shag carpeting for this post.

Vigilante said...

I never sailed against Lasers with color in their sails. But I remember the water vests. I always thought those flat-bellied light weights were cheating: if they couldn't hold their boats down in heavy air, they should reef down and not beef up. (Even then, I was a sailor with a well-developed beer muscle.)

Anonymous said...

Some interesting comments. Trackback:

Tillerman said...

Thanks for the link Steve. Anyone interested in visiting Kingston, Ontario should check out Steve's site It's the most comprehensive site I've ever seen that focuses on the waterfront of one city.

Steve posted a link to this Caption Contest post, partly because (I think) of a couple of snarky comments from me and one other about the infrastructure at the CORK regatta site. I just want to say that, even allowing for the inevitable congestion and waiting at such a huge regatta, CORK is still one of the best organized, most enjoyable regattas on the planet, and every racing sailor should aim to do it at least once in their lifetime. And Kingston is such a great town to hang out in for a week with dozens of interesting, good value places to eat. (It's a college town too of course which probably explains a lot.)

Steve has a question on his site about who won the 1980 Laser Worlds which is where the picture was taken. It was, of course, Ed Baird winning helmsman in the last America's Cup among his many other distinctions. And the 1980 Laser Worlds was the largest ever held with 350 entrants.

I was interested in looking at the names among the top 5 places at those first few Laser Worlds from 1974 thru 1982. I've had the pleasure of racing against some of those guys on the Laser Masters circuit in the last few years including Pete Commette, Andy Roy, Ed Adams and Chris Boome.

Hey Mr Baird, come join us.

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