Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clerihew Day

Today, July 10, is Clerihew Day, the birth date in 1875 of Edmund Clerihew Bentley, the British writer who invented a four-line rhyming verse, usually biographical in nature and resembling a limerick.

I'm not exactly being overwhelmed with entries for the Heyitsgreat writing project. But we had some fun with clerihews last year, so lets see if there's more interest in that.

The rules for a clerihew are simple
  • it is biographical
  • it begins with the subject's name
  • it has the rhyme scheme AABB
  • it should be light-hearted or humorous
So the challenge is to write a clerihew about yourself, or perhaps another sailing blogger.

Here's my contribution...

Tillerman the Laser sailor
Once blogged about his autobailer
He even wrote about a clam shack
What a hack.
Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Anna and Andrew are going to China.
As Olympic Reps we could not ask for anyone fina.
In a month when we watch the regatta unfold,
I am sure they will do their best to bring home the gold.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Christy the sailing chick with mad skill
Has a sailing goal she'll never fulfill
Why are boys so mean?
Christy needs a broken heart vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Edward, mariner of the Pacific
Took on a task horrific.
While reporting every word of it,
He ventured to cross a third of it.

Tillerman said...

Anna Funk
Married her hunk
If there's no green mold
She might win a gold.

Tillerman said...

Mrs. Campbell's boy Andrew
Has his Olympic debut
He won't win the gold
Or so I've been told.

Kevin Pierce said...

Nathaniel Philbrick
Was likely still quick
But his hair had thinned
Before Second Wind.

David said...

David and Megabyte are taking the drive
Today to the mountains, will arrive by five
Expectations are high on Huntington Lake
To generate content for Heythatwasgreat.

Anonymous said...

Pity poor Tillerman's plight.
Anna married, tormenting his night.
Some solace was found in time.
Her wedded name, at least, he could rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Old guy, should know better
trying to get his act together
but finishing last once again
what a pain

Anonymous said...

Dear Christy, beautiful chick with mad skill,
Your lofty sailing goal I'd help you fulfill,
But alas, a vaccine, of that I have none,
If it were so easy, then you'd already be done!

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