Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dear Prudence

Today I sailed from Weaver Cove in Portsmouth RI across to Prudence Island and around round look around round round there a bit.

Prudence Island is the third largest island in Narragansett Bay and is the largest one not connected by bridge to the mainland. It is famous for deer ticks and for being a US Navy ammunition depot in WW2.

The sun was up. The sky was blue. It was beautiful and so are you.

I apologize to fans of Miss 43. I held off as long as I could before doing 2008 sail #44. You can still see Miss 43 at Numbers.

Dear Prudence. Won't you come out to play?

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Anonymous said...

So, there you have it.

The answer to the question you raised in the last post.

No matter how many times your pintles and gudgeons part ways, you get squeezed out at the weather mark, you gybe when you should have stood on, or That Guy's transom appears before you, eventually, you'll have one of Those Days.

We can stumble on one of Those Days anywhere, but why is it that so many of them are found under sail?

When you're finally ready for that rocking chair, the only thing that will matter is how many of Those Days you can recall.

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