Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Bit of a Yot

On Tuesday I fancied a bit of a yot
As the weather just lately had been awfully hot.
So off to Bristol with my Laser I went.
An hour or two of solo practice was my intent.

I launched at around half past three
Aiming for a good old bash and then back home in time for tea.
First of all I cruised around the Point of Poppasquash
Where, so I have heard, live folk who are terribly posh.

Just round the point there was a trimaran on a mooring
And on the beach nearby a Sunfish - not too alluring.
A dude on the beach gave me a wave
But I didn't get too close - there might be rocks - and I wasn't feeling brave.

So I sailed back into the harbor mouth
Where the wind was more in the west than the south.
I worked on some of my faults in sailing the boat.
I think that in previous posts about them I've wrote.

I practiced rounding a windward mark buoy
Because my technique at this move is messed up and screwy.
And then I worked on my leeward mark rounding
At which my incompetence is totally astounding.

After a while of this kind of stuff
I decided that I had done enough
So towards the beach I headed back
Feeling a bit hungry and ready for a snack.

But then what do you think I did see?
A very joyful sight I'm sure you'd agree.
A bunch of other Lasers were coming out
For a bit of practice too without any doubt.

I'd heard about this group before
These Laser sailors leaving the shore.
On every Tuesday evening they go for a sail.
I expect some guy organizes it by email.

So I joined in with their practice races.
Most of the sailors were familiar faces.
Up and down the wind we raced.
Round and round the buoys we chased.

After an hour or so of this fun
I felt that the wind was almost done.
So back to the beach on my Laser I did glide
Before the wind had totally died.

And then I drove back to my house
Where waiting for me was my beautiful spouse.
Burgers and a beer was Tillerwoman's dinner plan.
I really am a very lucky man.

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bonnie said...

And speaking of Tillerwoman -

I'd like to thank her once again for identifying those horrible Harlequin Bugs! I alerted the "Sebago Diggers" (my gardening gang - heh, you never hear too much about those Brooklyn gardening gangs, but you can spot us by our green bandannas!) to the menace, I seem to have gotten the infestation on my cucumbers under control JUST in time & after a couple of weeks, I'm thrilled to report that cucumber production has resumed, there are flowers and tiny tiny cucumbers a-growing & I'm so happy!

now if I only can get myself out sailing again sometime this summer.

Oh, the club got a Radial sail. Holly the Sailing Co-Chair was going to try it out last Sunday except that she also decided that it wasn't worth getting electrocuted over.

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