Monday, July 07, 2008

"Heyitwasgreat" Group Writing Project

Thanks to the mysterious commenter known as o docker for the title of this month's Group Writing Project... "Heyitwasgreat". The challenge is to write about one of those special memorable days under sail when everything went just right. One of those days that when other people asked you about it afterwards you could only reply, "Heyitwasgreat."

I could have used the title "One of Those Days" but you might interpret that either way. This month I want to hear about good days of sailing, not bad days. We've already had enough stories about Worst Sailing Mistakes and Learning Experiences, not to mention Race-Committee Screw-Ups. Let's keep it positive this month.

If you're a racing sailor you might want to write about one of those days when you were "in the zone". You aced every start, you played every shift right, you extended your lead, you crushed the opposition.

Or if racing is not your thing it might be an afternoon such as the one o docker wrote about in his or her comment... "the winds came up. And up, and up, and up. The sails came out, and we began to move. And move, and move, and move. Spray blasted us, but it was the kind you don't care about. Perfect breeze, perfect sky, perfect destination, perfect seafood dinner awaiting us ashore."

Carol Anne also gave us a great example with her three posts about a peak experience with Team Zorro, parts One, Two and Three. "Peak Experience" would also have been an excellent title for the project.

Or if you are a Serious Ocean-Going Racer (SOGR) like Edward at the EVK4 SuperBlog you might write about a landfall after a long voyage, or... or.... or.... I dunno. I'm not an SOGR so I wouldn't know what turns SOGRs on and makes them say, "Heyitwasgreat". But there must be something.

So please share with your fellow sailors a story about a day under sail when the weather was wonderful, the company was congenial, the sailing was superb, and the mood was magic.
Kayaking readers are welcome to participate too. Same rules as usual...

1. Write a post on your blog on the subject of "Heyitwasgreat".

2. Once you've posted your story, let me know about it by sending an email to including a link to your post. If you don't have a blog just email me the story and I will post it here. Please let me know about your post or send me your story before Saturday 19 July. Choose a unique title for your story please. We don't want a dozen posts all entitled "Heyitwasgreat".

3. I will post here two links to your story. Every day or so I will write a post listing any new entries in the project. Then at the end of the project I will provide a summary post with links to all of the articles about your special days, your peak experiences.

Please participate in this project. Do it for fun. Do it to so that new readers will find your blog. Do it to share the fun of sailing. Do it so that we can marvel about how many different types of sailor there are and how we can say about so many different sailing experiences, "Heyitwasgreat."


EVK4 said...

You have to sail to have a "heyitwasgreat" moment and I haven't actually lifted any docklines for weeks. I'll have to go way back into my memory for one of those days.

Anonymous said...

I am all over this one. It will not be a repeat of my last performance when I "failed in my goal to write about sailing goals".

Dr J said...

Here is my first contribution. Is not a racing story, but it is a sailing story that is etched in my brain forever and whenever i think about it I want to go to sea again.

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