Sunday, November 02, 2008

Conimicut Not

The plan was to launch from Colt State Park, sail around Conimicut Light, and back in time for tea. Probably about four miles upwind, and then back. Done it before. No big deal.

But the winds were light... and getting lighter. About halfway to the lighthouse I contemplated the possibility of being becalmed in a shipping channel
four miles from the launch ramp with about an hour of daylight left. Hmmm. Not a good plan.

So I headed back to shore and did some practice tacks and gybes and mark roundings and all that good stuff not too far from the ramp.

82 days Laser sailing in the bag. 18 more to go. It's starting to feel like I might actually get to 100. Massachusetts is in my column. Texas doesn't believe we can do it. Ohio is on the fence... as usual. The polls are tightening, as my friend Sarah says.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tillerman,
I wish you luck! Don't let a little sleet and cold stop you now. I don't believe I mentioned I have a 17 foot outboard on a trailor ready to respond if you have a break down or become becalmed in the Bay or Sakonnet. It also occurred to me that you might become a bit concerned that this thing will end once you reach the end (100) of your splendid marathon. Next year how about 101! You have my cell-Don't hesitate to use it! Phil

WeSailFurther said...

I think Bonnie and I can deliver you NY - but you probably had that all along, as consistent as we are...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil. It's good to know that there's someone I can call if I run into difficulties.

Pat said...

If arctic blasts imperil your goal toward year's end, just wing out to New Mexico -- we can take care of the visa requirements -- and we'll get you on a boat with a good chance of sunshine smiling upon you. It appears you've got the dinghy fleet vote locked up with the keel boats leaning your way. Who knows what those multihulls will do, but the latest polls look promising.

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