Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yet Even More Dinner Invitations

The pace of entries for our group writing project Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is really hotting up now, with two more submissions in the last few hours.

Andrew Sadler muses over the relative merits of old-fashioned open keel boats and various more unstable craft, before deciding to invite to dinner two innovators from very different ages, Simon and Leonardo.

Redwing's entry, like Postel's Law, is in two parts. In Part One he channels Herman Melville to set the scene for his party; in Part Two in comes a "wild set of mariners" who would surely have some amazing tales to tell.

You have until Sunday to share your own ideas on which sailors, alive or dead, real or fictional, you would invite to a dinner party. Full details of how to participate at Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their invitation lists already. Looking forward to many more before the closing date.

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